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Magnifier Plus Review

  • Our Raiting : 5 / 5
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You’ll forget your reading glasses, but you’ll never leave your phone behind. Magnifier Plus is designed for people like you. Everyone needs a little assistance reading the fine print or analyzing that strange bug walking across the windowsill. Magnifier Plus enhances your view so you can order off the menu or count the critter’s legs. Would that come in handy?

Are you color blind? Magnifier Plus can invert the colors for you so you’re essentially seeing a photo negative of what you’re looking at. There’s also a zoom feature and a flashlight to brighten up the object you’re inspecting. You can freeze the image and make it basically a photo to be examined from every angle. You won’t need your glasses to do any of this.

Magnifier Plus is another app creation from the folks at Digital Alchemy. It’s a real-life tool that should be part of everyone’s tool kit, regardless of eyesight. Go to Google Play to install.


  • Mangifies a lot!
  • Lets you zoom and control exposure
  • Flaslight feature
  • Save & share your photos


  • Helps users with disabilities
  • Easy to zoom in on things, such as reading fine print in contracts
  • Great for the elderly
  • Useful for poor eyesite


  • Lots of ads
  • Some very annoying ads
  • Some people who purchased ad removal claiming the function isn't working


As long as the app publisher keeps the ads down, or you're willing to pay to unlock the full version, we recommend this app for those with eyesight issues. A free alternative though is to just use your phone's built in camera zoom function.

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