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Satellite Tracker by Star Walk Review

  • Our Raiting : 4 / 5
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There are hundreds of satellites orbiting our earth, including the International Space Station. Satellite Tracker can show you where they are and track their movements. The app comes with core info on a select group of the most important satellites. Flyby information is included so you can track when one of these will pass over your location. Do you have a telescope?

With America and other countries looking toward space again as a new frontier, being able to track movements up above could lead to a prosperous future for children and peace of mind for adults. Track the ISS, the Hubble Space Telescope, Akari, Envisat, Genesis I and II, and more. Watch for them to pass with your telescope or use the app for a 3D view.

Satellite Tracker is another incredible science app from Vito Technology, Inc. Other apps include Star Walk, Solar Walk, and Monster Park. Visit to learn more.


  • Simple & easy to use satellite finder
  • Track satellites in real time
  • Find out when satellites will pass overhead
  • Large collection of satellites and information about them


  • Amazing to see what satellites are overhead
  • Lets you do a "satellite eye" view of outerspace
  • Useful for HAM Amatuer Radio Operators


  • Limited satellite collection without unlocking
  • Auto-renews subscription and fees can ad up quickly
  • Difficult to cancel subscription
  • Very limited features without paying


This app has a very unique feature, but the fact that it is limited to only one satellite without unlocking and paying for more features is a bummer. If you want to track satellites, we'd recommend playing with a couple other apps too and seeing what works best for you.

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