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Updated 02-06-2023

Version 66
Google Play Downloads 28,101,745
Developer GunjanApps Studios
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ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+ is an educational app designed for preschoolers who are just starting to learn about the alphabet. This Android app aims to help children with letter recognition, pronunciation, and writing through a variety of interactive games and activities.


1. Tracing and Writing Practice

The app provides several tracing and writing exercises for each letter of the alphabet. Children can practice their handwriting by tracing dotted lines to form uppercase and lowercase letters. The app also shows how to correctly hold a pencil or finger while writing, making it an excellent introduction to handwriting development.

2. Interactive Learning Games

The app offers three different types of games that reinforce letter recognition and formation. In the "Letter Games" section, kids can tap on a letter to hear its sound and see words that start with that letter. In the "Matching Games" section, they can drag and drop letters to their corresponding images. Finally, the "Memory Games" section focuses on remembering paired letters.

3. Colored Letter Tracing

In this activity, children can trace letters while choosing different colors for their strokes. This feature adds fun and creativity to the traditional tracing exercises and helps children develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Progress Tracker

The app allows parents or teachers to track their child's progress through a built-in progress tracker tool. It saves the child's previous scores, and the tool shows the scores for each game or activity, allowing for better monitoring of the child's improvement.


1. Age-Appropriate Design

The app's design features colorful and fun graphics that appeal to preschoolers, and the language used is easy to understand for early learners. The app also prioritizes simplicity, making it easy for children to navigate even without adult supervision.

2. Interactive Learning Experience

The variety of interactive games and activities makes learning fun and keeps children engaged while practicing their writing and letter recognition skills.

3. Comprehensive Approach To Learning

The app offers a well-rounded approach to learning by combining handwriting exercises with games that reinforce sound recognition and reading skills. It aims to make children independent learners and confident writers.


1. Limited Free Content

The free version of the app offers a limited number of tracing and writing exercises and only a few levels of games, making it necessary to upgrade to the full version to access all contents.

2. Simplistic Games

Some users may find the games too simplistic and not challenging enough for older or more advanced learners.


In comparison, ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+ offers a great way for preschoolers to learn, but several similar apps provide additional features. For example, Endless Alphabet offers interactive storytelling based on the words, while Starfall ABCs provides a comprehensive curriculum for children aged pre-k to third grade.


Parents or teachers who want to maximize the app's benefits can use the built-in progress tracker to monitor their child's progress regularly. They can also encourage children to practice their handwriting independently by setting goals and incentivizing them for every milestone they reach.


Overall, ABC Tracing Preschool Games 2+ is a fantastic app for preschoolers learning about the alphabet. The app offers a comprehensive approach to letter recognition, writing, and sound formation, helping children develop their motor, auditory, and visual skills. While some may find the games to be too simplistic, it is still an excellent educational app that we highly recommend.