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Updated 04-19-2023

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If you're a parent who worries about your child's online safety, AirDroid Parental Control for Android can help put your mind at ease. With this app, you'll be able to keep an eye on your child's app usage, set screen time limits, and filter out inappropriate content. Here's a closer look at some of its key features:


App Usage Tracking:

AirDroid Parental Control allows you to see which apps your child is using and how often. This feature helps you understand your child's interests and habits and identify any potentially harmful apps they might be using.

Screen Time Limits:

You can set daily time limits for using the device. Set different times for several activities and apps if necessary.

Content Filter:

Safeguard your child from inappropriate content on the internet. With this feature, you can block adult websites, violent or graphic pages or offensive phrases.

Notification Alerts:

The app will send you a notification if there is a suspected activity that may go beyond the set guidelines determined by the app controls. Hover over this, and obtain more detail or lock up the device outreaching such fraudulent activity.


Easy to Use:

The app has simple navigation; it’s easy to locate options and want you intended to do.

Multiple Devices:

You can monitor multiple devices simultaneously without difficulty. Give information to each feature but specifically to a particular user or gadget.


AirDroid Parental Control subscription is cost-effective. You can try its functionality first with its free trial version.


Social Media Monitoring:

AirDroid does not work well on applications like Twitter or Snapchat. Activities done within these apps are sometimes hard to track.

Battery Life:

As with any other parental control app, the battery life of the device is affected when running the application, so it's advisable to keep an eye on your device’s power.

Comparison to Similar Apps

AirDroid Parental Control has comparable functionality amongst its competitors such as Qustodio and Kaspersky Safe Kids. AirDroid has the edge over Qustodio regarding Multi-device functionality that supports more than one device per account. Performance meetings between AirDroid and Kaspersky Safe Kids shows almost no difference, but AirDroid’s cost-effectiveness provides better value for money compared to Kaspersky Safe Kids’ higher pricing.

Tips on Usage

AirDroid Parental Control should be installed alongside device administration access. You can check if installed during installation by enabling the feature in the device administrator settings. Have open discussions with your children regarding access limitations and set reasonable boundaries. Regularly revise their online activity and adjust the app settings when necessary. End screens when screen time limits occur abruptly to help instill discipline.


AirDroid Parental Control for Android is a useful app for parents who want more control over their child's internet activity. Its app usage tracker and screen time limits help promote responsible online habits while its content filter keeps them safe from harmful content. However, it could improve its social media monitoring features, and be mindful of battery life effects. If you're looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to ensure your child's online safety, this app is worth considering.