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Updated 11-02-2022

Version 5.3
Google Play Downloads 47,271,024
Developer GunjanApps Studios
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Baby Phone for Toddlers Games is an engaging mobile app designed specifically for young children to enjoy. It provides a fun way to keep toddlers entertained while also teaching them about colors, animals, and numbers through interactive experiences.


Colorful Interface

The app has a bright and colorful interface that is sure to catch the attention of even the youngest child. The simple design makes it easy for kids to navigate the app.

Animal Sounds and Pictures

With Baby Phone for Toddlers Games, children can learn the names and sounds of different animals. The app features pictures of animals that can be swiped across the screen. When an animal is selected, the app plays the sound of that animal.

Number and Shape Recognition

Baby Phone for Toddlers Games teaches children about numbers and shapes. Along with the animals, there are also numbers and shapes that can be selected. When a number or shape is chosen, the app announces what it is.

Music and Nursery Rhymes

The app also includes a music section that plays nursery rhymes and songs. Kids can tap on the icons to play different songs and rhymes. It's a great way to introduce children to music and singing.



Baby Phone for Toddlers Games is very entertaining for young children. The bright colors and fun sounds keep kids engaged and entertained for extended periods of time.


Not only is the app entertaining, but it's also educational. Toddlers can learn about animals, numbers, and shapes while playing with the app.


Limited Activities

The activities in Baby Phone for Toddlers Games are limited. While it is entertaining, children may get bored with the same activities after a while.


The app has ads that pop up which can be frustrating for parents or caregivers, and distracting to the child.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Baby Phone for Toddlers Games is comparable to other toddler-focused mobile apps like Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn and Baby Games - Piano, Baby Phone, First Words. However, compared to other apps, Baby Phone for Toddlers Games stands out because of its easy-to-use interface and its engaging features that help children learn and have fun at the same time.

Tips for Using the App

To make the most out of Baby Phone for Toddlers Games, parents or caregivers should use it with their children. They can interact with their children by asking them to identify different animals, shapes, and numbers. The music section can also be used to sing along to the nursery rhymes and songs with your child. Additionally, downloading the ad-free version of the app can reduce interruptions and distractions for the child.


In conclusion, Baby Phone for Toddlers Games is a great app for young children. It is fun, educational, and helps keep children entertained. While there are few drawbacks such as limited activities and ads, these are minor issues that can be overlooked in return for the benefits the app offers. Overall, I recommend Baby Phone for Toddlers Games to any parent looking for a simple yet engaging app to entertain and educate their child.