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Updated 05-03-2023

Version Varies
Google Play Downloads 243,548,820
Developer Eterno Infotech
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Dailyhunt: Xpresso News Videos is an Android app that provides users with breaking news, daily news updates, videos, and trending stories. With over 2500 newspapers and magazines available in 14 different languages, this app strives to provide all the latest news from every corner of India.


Personalized News Feed:

Once you download the Dailyhunt app, you can create a personalized feed of the news which matters to you. The app allows you to add topics, news channels, and publications that you want to see on your feed. That means no more scrolling through irrelevant content you care nothing about.

Xpresso Video Stories:

Dailyhunt: Xpresso offers short and quick video stories for those who prefer not to read whole news articles. Its video coverage includes top trending stories, politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and much more! The stories are not only informative but captivating too!

Live TV:

If you want to watch live streams of the news or any other event, this app provides live news channels from around the world like Aaj Tak, ABP News, Republic Tv, and many more in one place just a click away.

Multiple Language Support:

Dailyhunt supports different languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Urdu, Bhojpuri, and English to cater for every person. So, regardless of your region, this app will provide you with the latest news in your language.


Free to Download and Use:

Dailyhunt is a free-to-download application that lets you read news stories and watch videos without paying anything. You only need an internet connection to access it, and you can install it on any Android-powered device.

Easy Navigation:

This app has an elegant user interface, making it easy to browse the latest news articles, video stories, and live streams of events. The interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Whether you're interested in politics, entertainment or sports, you can easily find the news that you want to read.

Flexible Reading Options:

Dailyhunt offers different formats for reading the news, including videos, text, images, and even voice. In this way, the app caters to all readers with various preferences, i.e. if someone is not willing to read the article, they can watch the video as most people are influenced visually.


Ads and Pop-ups:

Sadly, the app is supported by advertisements and pop-ups that tend to be irritating at times. They might be necessary to keep the app free, but they disrupt the overall user experience.

Slow Loading Time:

The app takes some time to load content and show the news stories, which can result in a laggy experience for users.


In comparison with other news mobile apps, Dailyhunt stands out due to its unique set of features, including personalized news feed, Xpresso video stories, live TV, and multiple language support. It would be an excellent app for anyone who primarily wants to read Indian News.

Tips for Using the App:

Create Your Personalized Feed:

To make the most of this app, it's highly recommended to create a personalized feed of all the topics, news channels and publications that you want to follow. This way, you can save time by simply reading the news content that you are interested in.

Try Xpresso Video Stories:

If you're somebody who does not like to read whole articles, try watching short video stories with Dailyhunt: Xpresso.


Despite the minor limitations, Dailyhunt is an excellent app for staying up to date with breaking news, trending stories and watching live TV. The app's features make it easy to stay informed, and its personalized feed makes it easy to consume the right kind of information in a short amount of time. So it is highly recommended for those who want to stay updated with Indian news from different sources in one place.