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Updated 04-13-2023

Version 3.19.0
Google Play Downloads 145,356
Developer Discotech, Inc.
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If you're looking for a way to take your clubbing experience to the next level, Discotech: VIP Bottle Service is the perfect app for you. As the name suggests, it provides exclusive access to VIP bottle services at top clubs and bars in major US cities. But that's not all - from guestlist reservations to event ticket purchases, Discotech is your one-stop-shop for everything nightlife.


VIP Bottle Service

As the main feature of the app, VIP bottle service lets you reserve a private table and enjoy exclusive treatment with your group. The app allows you to customize your experience by selecting your preferred venue, table size, bottle type, and more. You can even split the cost with your friends through the app.

Gueastlist Reservations

Never wait in line again with guestlist reservations. The app lets you RSVP to events, add friends to your party, and skip the general admission line. You can also take advantage of exclusive perks like free entry or discounted drinks by signing up through Discotech.

Event Tickets

From EDM festivals to hip-hop concerts, Discotech has you covered when it comes to purchasing event tickets. The app partners with local promoters and venues to offer competitive pricing and convenient mobile tickets. You can stay up-to-date on upcoming events and find recommendations based on your location.


Convenient and Time-saving

With Discotech, you no longer have to navigate various club websites or rely on expensive promoters to plan your night out. The app offers a streamlined process for booking VIP bottle service, requesting guestlist access, and buying tickets from one location.

Personalized Experience

You have control over all aspects of your night when using Discotech, from choosing the venue and table to selecting the bottle and splitting the bill with others. The app offers a high degree of customization that caters to individual preferences.


Limitations on Venues and Cities

As of right now, Discotech only serves select major US cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Moreover, not all top clubs or bars in these areas are partners of the app, limiting your options slightly.

Not Ideal for Solo Party-goers

The app's focus on VIP bottle service and group reservations makes it less appealing to solo party-goers, who may be looking for a more laid-back or spontaneous nightlife experience.

Comparison to Similar Apps

While there are similar apps out there that offer VIP services at clubs and events, such as Tablelist, Discotech sets itself apart by providing a wider range of features and greater accessibility. Other apps might focus solely on booking tables, or limit their services to a single city. Discotech, on the other hand, offers VIP bottle service, guestlist reservations, and event tickets across multiple major US cities.

Tips for Using the App

Plan Ahead

Make sure to reserve your VIP bottle service or guestlist access early, as spots can fill up quickly. Keep an eye on the app for upcoming events and promotions that may interest you.

Split the Bill Evenly

When using the app to share the cost of VIP bottle service with your group, make sure to evenly divide the total amount so that everyone pays their fair share.


All in all, Discotech: VIP Bottle Service is an innovative and user-friendly app that offers a convenient way to access exclusive perks at top clubs and events. Its features like VIP bottle service, guestlist reservations, and event tickets make it stand out from other similar apps. While there are some limitations on venues and cities, the overall experience is highly personalized and worth trying. We highly recommend giving Discotech a shot!