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Updated 05-16-2023

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FamiSafe-Parental Control App for Android is a versatile and effective mobile phone application designed to help parents keep their children safe while they use their smartphone. The app is developed by Wondershare and is available in both free and premium versions. FamiSafe is designed for parents who want to keep track of their child's online activity, track their location, filter inappropriate content, limit screen time, and restrict phone usage during certain periods.


1. Activity and Location Tracking

FamiSafe allows parents to track their child's activity and location by monitoring their browser history, social media accounts, and messaging apps. Parents can also create geo-fences on the app which alerts them when their child enters or exits a particular area. The location feature of FamiSafe can give live updates and real-time notifications.

2. Web content Filtering

With FamiSafe, parents can block malicious websites and prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content such as violence, drug use and pornography. The app can scan websites in real-time for harmful content, language, violence and other negative elements that can have adverse effects on the child’s mental growth.

3. Screen Time Management

FamiSafe helps parents curb phone addiction and manage how much time their children spend on their phones by scheduling screen time breaks, controlling the amount of usage per day, defining time functionality parameters on their phone with alarms.

4. App Blocking and Restriction

In addition to filtering web content, FamiSafe can restrict the usage of apps such as games, social media, and instant messaging apps. Parents could even hide apps from the start menu, thereby preventing their child from identifying and/or opening it. Also, blacklisting and whitelisting features are available in the app.


i) User-friendly and easy-to-use interface

FamiSafe is incredibly simple to navigate, whether from the parent’s perspective or the child’s device. The parent has total control over the child’s mobile phone usage without many hassles.

ii) Geofencing feature

The geofencing feature of FamiSafe helps parents track movements in different locations such as home or other premises, schools or other places of learning, digital footprint tracking while travelling and alerts for outdoor events and family trips.

iii) Comprehensive tracking and reporting features

FamiSafe gives parents a detailed report on each activity of the child’s phone in the form of monthly reports, providing information regarding web browsing time, app usage, screen time and device location.

iv) Multi-platform compatibility

FamiSafe is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems, making it a perfect solution for families with several devices.


i) Limited free trial version

The app's free plan comes with significant limitations which could force users to move to paid plans almost immediately. Limited access to features means that users miss out on what the app truly has to offer.

ii) No call recording functionality

FamiSafe lacks the ability to record and monitor phone calls, which could give a more comprehensive view of child activity.

iii) Intermittent data sync delays

Due to multiple data transmissions, syncing data is costly when consumed on cellular connections there may be some delays, which could lead to inconveniences.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to similar apps such as Qustodio, Norton Family Premier, and Kaspersky Safe Kids, FamiSafe stands out in the broad coverage it provides with regards to features. Qustodio and Norton Family Premier are paid subscription plans that come with many restrictions. FamiSafe, however, gives users more flexibility in customization of the parental control features available. Additionally, Kaspersky SafeKids content filtering is weaker against adult content than other options, but FamiSafe boasts a stronger performance how to block inappropriate content with both pre-set and custom website website filter options..

Tips for Using the App

i) Set Safe Search Parameters

To ensure safer browsing experiences, set the Google or in-built safe search parameters on the child’s device for reputable websites and search engines.

ii) Avoid Unnecessary Restriction

While app blocking and restricting capabilities are essential, avoid going overboard and blocking every app without good reason. Explain why some apps have restrictions in place so that children understand and do not feel like they are being forced into something.

iii) Use the Geo-Fencing Feature Effectively

Geo-fencing is useful for keeping track of a child's movement, especially when monitoring them regularly. However, it is essential to avoid misuse of such sensitive personal data.


FamiSafe-Parental Control App for Android is an excellent choice for parents looking to keep their children safe while they use their smartphone. It is easy to navigate and comes with several great benefits such as app blocking, filtering web content and tracking online activity. Though it might have its downsides, such as limited access on the free plan, FamiSafe’s pros far outweigh its cons. We would highly recommend using FamiSafe-Parental Control App for Android.