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Updated 01-13-2023

Version 1.0.31
Google Play Downloads 71,998,902
Developer Leap Fitness Group
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If you are looking to gain a few extra inches on your height, look no further than the Height Increase Workout app. This Android app is designed specifically for those who want to follow an exercise routine to strengthen and stretch their bones, muscles, and ligaments in order to not only improve their posture and flexibility but also enhance their physical appearance.


1. Personalized workout plans

The Height Increase Workout app comes with customized workout plans that are tailored to your specific goals and fitness level. Upon opening the app, users are asked to input their age, gender, and height, and are consequently presented with a series of exercises that will help them reach their target height.

2. Step-by-step instructional videos

Exercising can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of the proper techniques. This app makes it easy by providing step-by-step instructional videos for each exercise included in your personalized plan. The videos are led by a certified personal trainer and demonstrate how to properly perform each exercise so that you can maximize your results while minimizing the risk of injury.

3. Progress tracking

The app includes a progress tracking feature to help you stay motivated and committed to your goals. The app keeps track of your workout routines, the number of sets and reps for each exercise, and the amount of weight used. You can monitor your progress over time and adjust your workout plan accordingly to ensure that you are constantly challenging yourself and making progress towards your desired height.


1. Useful exercises

The exercises included in the app are designed to boost your height in a safe and effective way. They focus on stretching and strengthening the core and leg muscles, which ultimately contribute to improved posture and a taller appearance.

2. Personalized plans

The personalized workout plans take into consideration your current physical abilities, age, gender, and target height in order to create a plan that works specifically for you.

3. Easy-to-follow videos

The step-by-step instructional videos make it easy to follow along with each exercise, even for those who are new to the fitness world.


1. Limited exercises

Although the app includes effective exercises, there is a limited selection of workouts to choose from. This could potentially become monotonous for users who prefer a more varied routine.

2. No specialized equipment

The exercises included do not require any specialized equipment, which is great for those who prefer working out at home. However, this also means that certain exercises that would require such equipment cannot be included.

3. Limited scientific backing

The effectiveness of these exercises in actually increasing one's height has not been proven through extensive scientific research. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that following these exercises will actually result in a noticeable increase in height.

Detailed comparison:

In comparison to similar apps, Height Increase Workout offers personalized workout plans and step-by-step instructional videos, unlike other apps that just provide a list of exercises to follow. Also, this app comes free of cost as compared to other apps with similar features that charge subscription or in-app purchases fees.

Tips for using the App:

  • Stick to the personalized workout plan for optimal results
  • Make sure to use proper form while performing each exercise to avoid injury
  • Monitor your progress and adjust your workout routine accordingly
  • Stay consistent with your workout routine to see the best results


In conclusion, while there is no guarantee that Height Increase Workout will actually increase one's height, the exercises in this app can definitely lead to a stronger and more flexible body, improved posture, and a taller appearance. With its personalized workout plans and instructional videos, this app offers a great starting point for those looking to improve their physical capabilities, and it's totally free of cost. As long as users keep in mind the limited number of exercises and lack of scientific backing, they will definitely find this app to be a worthwhile addition to their fitness routine.