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Updated 05-15-2023

Google Play Downloads 445,172,803
Developer KineMaster, Video Editor Experts Group
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If you want a user-friendly app to edit your video like a pro in just a few taps, KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker might be your next go-to app. This app is one of the most popular video editing apps in the market, known for its powerful tools and intuitive interface. It is developed by NexStreaming Corp. and has over 100 million installs from Google Play Store. In this review, we'll discuss the features, pros, and cons of KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker, and compare it with some other similar apps available in the market.


1. Multiple Layers:

One of the most valuable features of KineMaster is that it offers multiple layers of video, images, stickers, text, handwriting, and overlays. You can add up to ten layers in your project, which allows you to create more complex video projects with ease.

2. Precise Editing Tools:

KineMaster provides various precise editing tools including cut, trim, splice, and crop videos. Besides, you can reverse the video, adjust the speed of the clip, edit videos in frame-by-frame mode, and add voiceovers without any hassle.

3. Professional Effects and Transitions:

This app offers multiple transitions like 3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more that can make your video project look engaging and professional. KineMaster also provides various color filters and video effects that add vibrancy and mood to your videos.

4. Real-Time Recording and Audio Controls:

You can record real-time audio and video with KineMaster's built-in recording feature. Additionally, it provides an audio control feature that lets you fine-tune volume, voiceover, and sound effects.


1. Powerful Features:

KineMaster offers all the tools you need to edit videos on a mobile device. Its features are very robust and provide excellent customization for each editing layer.

2. Easy Interface:

KineMaster provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to edit videos, even for beginners. All the tools are arranged in a user-friendly manner, enabling quick and easy access.

3. Ads-Free:

KineMaster is free to download with no watermark, and although it does offer in-app purchases, it doesn't force any ads on users.


1. Unavailable for iOS devices:

KineMaster is only available on Android devices, leaving iOS users to search for alternatives.

2. Limited Audio Library:

KineMaster's audio library is comparatively limited, and it doesn't offer user upload capabilities to access your personal music library. You will need to import music from another app or download from an external source offline.


KineMaster is not the only video editor available in the market. There are alternatives such as Power Director, FilmoraGo, and Adobe Premiere Rush that offer similar features. While KineMaster competes with these products in terms of features, editing ease, and functionality, a critical difference lies in the use of advertisements. Unlike some free apps, KineMaster is ad-free meaning you cut down on waiting time when exporting. Another key difference lies in its focus on creating online content or short-form video editing compared to full-fledged video production of Adobe Premiere Rush.

Tips for Using KineMaster

For advanced users who are looking for more ways to modify their media, consider purchasing the Premium version. Although it's not necessary for basic video editing tasks, the upgrade provides additional features such as color adjustments, blending modes, filters, and more.


KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker deserves recognition for its user-friendly interface and robust features that make mobile video editing convenient and professional. It's an excellent tool for creating short-form online content and social media posts. We highly recommend this app for all Android users who love to edit videos on mobile devices. With no advertisements or watermarks and free to download, KineMaster is an excellent application available for use on many Android devices.