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Updated 05-11-2023

Version 2023.6
Google Play Downloads 23,728,831
Developer LEGO System A/S
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LEGO® Life is a kid-friendly community app that allows children to express their creativity, build masterpieces, and connect with other LEGO lovers from around the world. With this platform, kids can share their creations, interact with others, get inspired by LEGO's latest products, and take advantage of the multiple features provided by the app.


Create Your Profile

Upon downloading the app, kids are invited to create their unique profile with their avatar and their favourite LEGO sets. At this stage, children can choose their interests and start discovering new ideas and creations in the LEGO community.

Build Masterpieces

LEGO® Life provides access to various building challenges designed to inspire young minds and enhance their imagination. Together with expert builders, creators or influencers, children can develop their skills, improve their techniques, and share their progress with the community.

Personalized News Feed

The app includes a customized news feed, where users can keep up with the latest updates in the LEGO universe, discover new products or sets, and stay informed about upcoming events or promotions. The news feed also shows relevant contents based on each user's interests and previous activities on the app.

Join Groups

Kids can join various groups, ranging from funny memes to advanced techniques, where they can grow their social circles, learn new things from other passionate builders, and share their knowledge with the community. Every group has its rules, moderators, and guidelines to ensure safe and positive interactions within the app.

Safety Features

LEGO® Life is a completely safe and secure platform designed for children. Parents can monitor their child's activities, set up privacy preferences, and restrict specific features if they wish to. The app also has a content filter that blocks any inappropriate words, pictures, or comments and flag potentially harmful contents for further review.


Kid-Friendly Community

The LEGO® Life app provides an environment where kids can be themselves and share their passion for LEGO without any restrictions. This encourages creativity and collaboration, which is something rare in most social media platforms today.

Wide Range of Features

The app offers a wide range of fun activities, challenges and features that cater to every skill level and interest. From building instructions to collaborations, there's something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Excellent Parental Controls

The app's safety features are top-notch, giving parents full control over their child's activities on the app. This creates a safe and secure environment for kids to explore their creativity without any worries.


Requires Internet Access

To access the app's features, a stable internet connection is required. This could be an issue for users living in areas with poor connectivity.

Limited Opportunities for In-App Communication

Although the app provides a great platform for kids to share their creations, interact with each other, and join groups, the communication features within the app are limited. The capability to communicate more visually would allow Kids to emot their feelings concerning both the app and the collaboration process effectively

Comparison to Similar apps

Compared to other kid-friendly social media platforms, LEGO® Life stands out by offering specialized features specifically designed for LEGO fans. Most other apps do not have the same focus and cater to a wider audience, making LEGO® Life unique in its approach.

Tips for Using the App

Participate in Challenges

The built-in challenges help keep the children creative and motivated, plus leverage their skills to work with what they have learned from more experienced users on the app.

Join Groups and Attend Events

Do not hesitate to join groups related to your interests from memes to instructional building techniques, which allows you to acquire new skills, knowledge, and collaborations. Attending different events can help you get a better appreciation of the Lego community, and it's also an opportunity to meet other fans in person!

Customize Your Profile

Personalising your profile is not only fun but it is also an opportunity to display your tastes and showcase your creations to the world. With a customized profile page, people can take a look at your creations, meaning more feedback and interactions with the community.


In conclusion, LEGO® Life is a unique app that offers a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to grow and develop their creativity. The app's features are tailored towards inspiring children's imagination and expanding their LEGO knowledge, driven by a focused community support. Although it has limited communication features and requires internet connectivity, these are minor issues, and the app's benefits far outweigh the limitations. I highly recommend this app to every LEGO enthusiast, as there is something for everyone to enjoy!