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Updated 08-25-2022

Version 1.9.0
Google Play Downloads 8,124,167
Developer Friendzy Limited
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If you are looking for an app that can help you keep track of your family members' whereabouts, My Family - Family Locator may be the solution. This Android app, developed by the Tochka Mobile team, allows you to monitor the location of your family members in real-time and get notified when they arrive or depart from a certain place.


Real-time Location Tracking

The most important feature of My Family - Family Locator is its ability to provide real-time location tracking of your family members. Using the GPS technology built-in to their smartphones, the app allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones' locations at any given moment.

Location History

In addition to real-time tracking, My Family - Family Locator also keeps a history of your family members' locations. This allows you to review where they have been over the past few days or even weeks, providing you with a complete picture of their movements.


The app offers geofencing feature which means you can create virtual boundaries or safe-zones within which when your family members enter or leave them this app automatically notifies you for your convenience.


To make communication easy among the family members, My Family - Family Locator has a built-in chatting feature. This lets you message your family members directly from the app without using a separate messaging app.

Emergency Alert Button

In case of an emergency, such as a car accident or other unexpected event, the app includes an emergency alert button. By tapping the button, your family members can quickly send an alert to you along with their current location.


User-Friendly Interface

The app's interface is easy to use and understand. You can navigate through all of its features without any confusion, making it accessible even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Accurate Tracking

Users have reported that the app provides accurate and reliable location data. This helps you to keep an eye on your family members' locations and ensures their safety.

Customizable Notifications

The app allows you to customize the notifications that you receive, so you can tailor them to your needs. For example, you can set up notifications to alert you only when your family members arrive or depart from specific locations.


Premium Subscription Needed for Advanced Features

To access some of the more advanced features of the app, a premium subscription is required. This includes geofencing, location history, and unlimited alerts. However, the basic features are available for free.

Battery Drain

As with many location-based apps, My Family - Family Locator may drain your phone's battery faster than usual, especially if you leave it running in the background for extended periods of time.

Inaccurate Location Data Due to Poor GPS Signal

If your family member's phone has a weak GPS signal or is temporarily disconnected from the internet, the location data provided by the app may be inaccurate or delayed.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to other family locator apps, My Family - Family Locator offers many of the same features, such as real-time location tracking, chat, and emergency alerts. Some similar apps in the market are Life360 and Find my device. But the additional feature of geofencing on this app is unique.

Tips for Using the App

To get the most out of My Family - Family Locator, it's a good idea to take advantage of its customizable notifications. This way, you can set up alerts that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Also, make sure your family members have the app installed on their phones and are comfortable using it.


Overall, My Family - Family Locator is a solid choice for families who want to stay connected and ensure each other's safety. Its real-time location tracking, geofencing, and emergency alert features are especially useful, making it worth considering for those with younger children or elderly relatives. Although it has some drawbacks such as battery drain and needing a premium subscription for advanced features, its unique features and ease of use still make it an excellent option to keep your loved ones safe and connected.