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Updated 03-28-2023

Google Play Downloads 55,201,631
Developer Times Internet Limited
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Newspoint is a mobile application designed to provide users with the latest local, national, and international news in a fast and easy-to-read format. Developed by Times Internet Limited, the app aims to make reading and sharing news quick and effortless for Android smartphone users worldwide. With its simplistic interface, Newspoint ensures that all types of users can use the app without any difficulties.


Personalized News Feed

Newspoint offers personalized news feed to users based on their interests from various categories which include entertainment, sports, technology, business, etc. Users are updated with the latest information at all times.

Offline Reading

Users no longer have to be connected online to read news. Newspoint allows you to save articles while online, and once saved, it is accessible without the internet connection. This feature is an excellent advantage for users who are traveling or are in low connectivity areas.

Short on Time? Use Shorts

The Shorts feature enables users to read the most relevant part of a story briefly. This feature becomes very useful when the user is running out of time and needs only the most critical point. The shorts can be saved to be read offline later as well.


Newspoint is loaded with videos keeping its users updated with video news under diverse genres. With Newspoint’s impressive selection of Videos, staying up-to-date with news has become more engaging.


User-Friendly Interface

The Newspoint interface is simple and intuitive. It is therefore easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical competency. The color scheme allows reading to become more enjoyable and relaxing

Offline Reading

The offline reading feature lets users save articles, so they can read the articles when there is no internet connection. This feature is especially helpful for users who frequently travel or are in areas with low internet connectivity.


The app contains an excellent selection of news videos which indeed adds to the overall value of the application. The easy to navigate panel allows accessing videos with only a few steps is an extra benefit.


Ads Campaigns

Newspoint contains many advert banners, pop-ups, and other ad formats which, at times, could be annoying for the users. However, one can consider upgrading to the premium account to avoid any access to these ads.

Slow Loading Times

Sometimes Newspoint takes time to load articles if the internet connections are not stable. It could be frustrating if you don't have a strong and robust internet connection.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to similar apps like Flipboard, Newspoint offers a more personalized newsfeed and quicker article loading times. However, Flipboard has a higher emphasis on design, making it more aesthetically pleasing than Newspoint. Additionally, both apps contain Ads that appear continuously throughout the user's experience. Therefore, users may prefer either app depending on their personal taste and requirements.

Tips for Using the App

To maximize the use of the Newspoint app, select the topics or interests of preference when setting up the app to obtain a tailored newsfeed. Also, use the Shorts feature to save time and access essential news quickly. Additionally, save articles for offline reading when travelling, or when there is low internet connectivity.


Overall, Newspoint is a fantastic app that offers its users quick access to a tailored newsfeed, especially if you are frequently on the go. Its offline reading feature is also a great advantage, especially when you don't have an internet connection. Although the constant ads might annoy some users, they can be removed by upgrading to the premium version.

I would recommend this app to anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest happenings around the world. It is user-friendly, informative and offers video news reports which add to the app's overall value.