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Updated 03-13-2023

Version 0.20.0
Google Play Downloads 12,020,719
Developer Trilokia Inc.
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If you're looking to boost your Android device's performance and enhance your gaming experience, PGT: GFX, Launcher & Optimizer is an app you should consider. This free app, developed by Trilokia Inc., falls under the category of Libraries & Demo in the Google Play Store. PGT provides tools that allow you to customize and optimize the graphics settings of individual games on your device.


GFX Tool:

One of the primary features of PGT is the GFX tool. It enables users to customize graphics settings for each game on their device. Some of the settings you can control include resolution, graphics, FPS, anti-aliasing, shadows, and more.

Battery Saver:

PGT also has a Battery Saver feature. Activating this setting helps to reduce device battery consumption while playing games by lowering the game's graphic quality.

CPU & GPU Boosting:

The app also includes CPU & GPU Boosting feature which purges background apps and optimizes your device's CPU and GPU performance. This feature enhances your device performance and minimizes lag during gameplay.


Game-specific Settings:

The ability to adjust graphics settings for each specific game on your device is a huge plus. Different games have different graphics requirements, so it's excellent that you can optimize the settings for each one individually.

Battery Saver Mode:

The Battery Saver mode is an excellent feature for those who love to play games on their devices but hate how quickly it drains the battery. You can activate this setting when you're not plugged in, and it will help preserve your device's battery life.


The CPU & GPU boosting feature is another significant plus. It purges background processes and optimizes performance, leading to smoother gameplay with fewer lags or stutters.



The app contains ads that pop up occasionally during use. While they're not too intrusive, they can be annoying at times, mainly when playing games in full screen.


PGT isn't compatible with every device, which may disappoint some users who can't access the app.

Comparison to Similar Apps:

There are several similar apps to PGT, such as Game Booster 4x Faster Pro, GFX Tool, and No Lag GFX Tool. However, PGT stands out by offering a more comprehensive set of features than any of these apps. The ability to customize graphics settings for specific games sets it apart from other apps that offer more generic tools.

Tips for Using the App:

To make the most of the app, follow these tips: - Carefully customize each game's graphic settings to create the best gaming experience. - Use Battery Saver to improve battery life when gaming on the go. - Activate CPU & GPU Boosting for optimum device performance during gameplay.


Overall, PGT is an excellent tool for customizing and optimizing graphics settings for games on Android devices. Its unique features are game-specific graphics settings and Battery Saver mode, which help gamers enjoy smooth, high-quality gameplay while conserving battery life. Despite ads that pop up occasionally and compatibility limitations, PGT is a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their mobile gaming experience. If you're a mobile gamer, we highly recommend giving PGT: GFX, Launcher & Optimizer a try!