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Updated 05-12-2023

Version 9.9.0
Google Play Downloads 2,496,950
Developer Blub Blub Inc.
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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to help your child develop their language skills? Look no further than Speech Blubs! This app, available on Android devices, offers a variety of features to help children learn to speak and communicate effectively.


The Speech Blubs app boasts a range of features to help children build their language skills. Here are just a few:

Voice-activated games

One of the standout features of this app is the collection of voice-activated games. These games encourage children to speak out loud and practice their pronunciation skills in a fun and interactive way.

Video modeling

The app uses video modeling to show children how to say words and phrases correctly. Children can imitate the movements of other children on-screen, which can help them internalize the correct pronunciation and mouth movements involved in speech.

Personalized content

Speech Blubs allows parents and therapists to customize the app's content to suit their child's individual needs. You can choose which sounds or words to focus on and tailor the app's challenges to meet your child's specific challenges.


Here are some of the benefits that you and your child can expect from using the Speech Blubs app:

Engaging and playful interface

The app's colorful and cheerful interface is sure to keep children engaged and interested. The games are designed to be fun and encouraging, rather than stressful or frustrating.

Structured approach to language development

This app provides a clear and structured path to language development. Children are guided through different levels of difficulty, with each new challenge building on the previous one. This can help children feel more confident and motivated as they progress.

Tailored to individual needs

The app's customizable content means that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each child. Whether your child struggles with a particular sound or has difficulty with grammar, you can use this app to target those areas directly.


While this app is a great tool for language development, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of:

May not be suitable for all ages

The voice-activated games may be challenging or frustrating for young children who haven't yet developed their speaking skills. Additionally, older children who are already proficient in English may find some of the content too easy or childish.

Requires parental involvement

This app is designed to be used with adult support and guidance. Parents or therapists will need to be actively involved in helping children navigate through the levels and providing feedback on their progress.

Some features may not work on all devices

Some users have reported issues with certain features of the app not working properly on their device. However, these seem to be relatively rare occurrences.

Comparison to similar apps

While there are many apps on the market aimed at helping children develop their language skills, Speech Blubs stands out for its unique approach to teaching pronunciation and vocalization. Some other popular apps in this category include:

Duolingo Kids

Another popular app for children's language learning, Duolingo Kids offers a similar range of games and activities. However, it focuses primarily on teaching language skills in a foreign language, rather than improving speech in a child's first language.

Sounds of Speech

Unlike Speech Blubs, Sounds of Speech is aimed at older children and adults who are already proficient speakers of English. It focuses on the finer points of pronunciation and provides detailed instruction on how to correctly form each sound in the English language.

Tips for using the app

If you decide to give Speech Blubs a try, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the app:

Be consistent

For best results, use the app on a regular basis, preferably daily. Consistent practice is key to building language skills.

Personalize the content

Take advantage of the app's customization options to tailor the lessons to your child's individual needs. Focus on the sounds or words that your child struggles with the most.

Encourage your child to speak out loud

The voice-activated games are designed to encourage children to speak out loud, so make sure your child feels comfortable doing so. You can even join in on the fun and practice your own pronunciation!


Overall, we highly recommend giving Speech Blubs a try if you're looking for an app to help your child develop their language skills. With its engaging games, clear structure, and personalized content, it offers a fun and effective way to build spoken communication skills in children. While there are a few potential downsides to be aware of, the benefits of this app far outweigh any negatives.