Starbucks App Review

  • Our Rating: 2 / 5

Updated 05-01-2023

Version 6.47
Google Play Downloads 33,917,512
Developer Starbucks Coffee Company
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If you're a coffee lover and always on-the-go, then the Starbucks app for Android is definitely worth considering. With its range of features, it's an excellent tool for streamlining your morning routine, discovering new drinks, and rewarding yourself for every purchase.


Mobile Ordering

The standout feature of the app is, of course, mobile ordering. You can explore the menu, customize your order to your exact preferences, and pay for your drink all from your phone. Then, just head to your chosen Starbucks location and pick up your order - no more waiting in line!

Rewards Program

Signing up for the app entitles you to free drinks and food, discounts, and access to exclusive offers and events. The more you use the app, the more stars you accumulate, which can be redeemed for free drinks and food.

Store Locator

The app features a store locator that allows you to find the nearest Starbucks store, as well as get directions, opening hours, and contact information.


User-Friendly Interface

The app is easy to navigate and user-friendly. With minimalistic design and straightforward navigation, it is easy to find what you want and quickly place your order.

Convenient Mobile Payments

The mobile payment system built into the app makes for easy transactions without needing to carry cash or credit cards around. Just preload your account with funds and you're ready to go.

Rewards System

The reward system is one of the best things about this app. With the ability to earn stars and redeem them for free drinks and food, you can feel good about treating yourself to your favorite Starbucks beverage.


Mobile Ordering Limitations

The only con of the app is that not all Starbucks locations offer mobile ordering. This can be frustrating as it means you must wait in line to order your coffee, which negates the convenience of having the app.

Comparison to Similar Apps

The Starbucks app is one of the best coffee shop apps available. In comparison to similar apps such as Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Hortons, Starbucks offers better rewards, a more user-friendly interface, and a more convenient mobile ordering system. However, if you are more inclined to other coffee shops, then this app will not hold much interest to you.

Tips for Using the App

Set up an Account

Signing up for an account on the app is the first step to unlocking its full potential. By creating an account, you become eligible for the rewards program and can begin to accumulate stars to use toward free beverages and food.

Customize Your Order

The app allows you to customize your orders to your exact preferences. This means you can eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings with baristas when placing your order, and avoid returned drinks.

Use Your Rewards

Make sure to utilize your accumulated stars regularly, so they do not expire. This will enable you to get the most out of the app's rewards system.


If you love coffee and frequently visit Starbucks, the mobile app is definitely worth considering. With so many features such as mobile ordering, rewards programs, and store locator, this app can help streamline your morning routine and help you save money on coffee. However, if you're more inclined to other coffee shops, then this app may not be as beneficial to you. In conclusion, we highly recommend giving the Starbucks app a try.