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Updated 03-08-2023

Version 5.7.4
Google Play Downloads 252,755
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TalkingParents is a co-parenting communication tool that helps separated or divorced parents communicate and share information about their children. The app ensures that all communication between the parents is documented, and it can be used as legal evidence for custody cases. With its user-friendly interface and many helpful features, it can make co-parenting easier and less stressful.


Secure Messaging

TalkingParents offers secure messaging between the parents. All messages are timestamped and stored on the app's servers, ensuring that both parents have access to them at all times. This way, the parents can avoid phone calls or emails, minimizing opportunities for conflict or miscommunication.

Information Sharing

One of the most important features of TalkingParents is that it makes information sharing easy. Parents can use the app to share their child's medical records, school schedules, and other relevant information. The app also has a shared calendar that parents can use to schedule visits, appointments, and other events.

Record Keeping

TalkingParents automatically records all conversations between the parents, which can be used as evidence in court. Additionally, it allows parents to create notes that can be shared with each other, such as expenses incurred or behaviors observed. This feature comes in handy when there is a dispute about something.


TalkingParents has unique features that set it apart from other co-parenting apps like OurFamilyWizard and CustodyXchange. One reason why TalkingParents is preferred by some parents is that it imposes a communication filter that restricts abusive language and manipulative tactics. Parents cannot delete messages or edit previous messages, and they can't send attachments either.

Pros and Cons


  • Secure messaging for communication between parents
  • Information sharing made easy
  • Records all conversations which can be used as legal evidence
  • Restrictions on language and tactics to prevent abuse


  • Free version is limited and only allows a certain number of messages per month
  • Parents must agree to use the app for it to be effective
  • No attachment function complicates sharing files or photos

Comparison to Other Co-Parenting Apps

TalkingParents differentiates itself from other co-parenting apps like OurFamilyWizard and CustodyXchange because of its communication filter. TalkingParents restricts abusive language and manipulative tactics making sure that the conversation remains respectful toward the other parent. Moreover, TalkingParents automatically records all conversations between the parents. Meanwhile, OurFamilyWizard and CustodyXchange both lack these features.

Tips for Using TalkingParents

  • Agree with the other parent on using the app early on to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Use the Shared Calendar feature to plan visits, events, and appointments.
  • Be mindful of tone and language when composing messages to be in compliance with the communication filter.
  • Make sure to keep the shared information updated.


TalkingParents is a useful communication tool that can alleviate some of the stress involved in co-parenting. Its security measures, record-keeping, and limitations on language and tactics make it unique among other co-parenting apps. Nevertheless, it is important for parents to remember that the app can be effective only if both parties agree to use it consistently. Overall, the app is recommended for parents who want to ensure that communication and organization in co-parenting are streamlined.