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Updated 03-22-2023

Version 3.9.9
Google Play Downloads 140,864,485
Developer Baviux
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Voice changer with effects, developed by Baviux Entertainment, is an entertaining app that allows you to modify your voice in real-time. With a wide array of sound effects and filters, the app offers an enjoyable experience for pranksters, voice actors, and musicians alike.


1. Sound Effects

The app boasts over 40 different sound effects, including chipmunk, robot, and alien voices as well as funny sound effects like fart, burp, and more. Each effect can be fine-tuned, allowing you to customize the pitch, speed, tempo, and other parameters to create a unique sound.

2. Voice Recorder

The voice recorder feature enables users to record their voice and apply a pre-set or custom effect to it. You can also import audio tracks from your phone's library to modify them on the spot.

3. Live mode

Live mode is perfect for live events and performances, where you want to modify your voice in real-time. Simply speak into your phone's microphone and select the filter you want to use. The app will process your voice and output the modified sound immediately.


  1. Large selection of sound effects and filters.
  2. Customizable settings for each effect.
  3. Simple and intuitive interface.
  4. Real-time processing for live performances.


  1. No option to save presets.
  2. Limited audio editing capabilities.
  3. Ads may be disruptive during use.

Comparison to similar apps:

Voice changer with effects distinguishes itself from other voice changer apps by offering a wider selection of sound effects and customization options. Another app, VoiceFX, offers a similar feature set but has fewer effects to choose from. Additionally, VoiceFX allows you to save presets, a feature that is not available in Voice changer with effects.

Tips for using the app:

  • Experiment with different sound effects and settings to find the perfect modification for your voice.
  • Use headphones when recording or performing live to monitor the modified voice more accurately.
  • Adjust the microphone sensitivity to prevent background noise from interfering with your recordings or performances.


If you're looking for an app to create funny voice effects or just to experiment with different sounds, Voice changer with effects is a solid choice. With its vast selection of effects and customization options, it provides a fun and intuitive experience. However, if you need more advanced audio editing capabilities or the ability to save presets, you may want to consider other options like VoiceFX. Overall, I would recommend Voice changer with effects for its broad range of use cases and entertaining features.