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Updated 04-27-2023

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Developer Sigmoid Labs and its affiliates
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If you are a frequent traveler and love to take trains, then you might have experienced the pain of not knowing the exact location of your train. That's where Where is my Train comes to the rescue. As the name suggests, this app lets you track your train's whereabouts in real-time with its accurate and reliable live train status updates. This Android app helps you plan your journey better by providing all the necessary information related to train arrival and departure times, routes, and other important details.


Real-time train tracking

The app provides real-time train tracking option, where you can get live updates of your train's movement every minute through Google Maps. This helps you to stay informed about your train's exact location and plan your journey accordingly.

Offline train schedules

One of the best features of the app is that it allows you to access the train schedule even when you're offline. This is especially useful if you're traveling in an area where there is no internet connection. You can select your train route and check its schedule offline without having to connect to the internet.

PNR status check

The app lets you check your PNR status right from within the app. You don't need to visit the official IRCTC website to check the PNR status anymore. Simply enter your PNR number and get instant updates right from the app.

Seat availability

You can easily check the seat availability of any train from within the app with just a few clicks. The app provides an accurate and reliable view of seats available in each class, so you can plan your journey accordingly.


Easy-to-use interface

The user interface of this app is simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use. You can access all the necessary features with just a few taps, and the app's design is pleasing to the eye.

Accurate train data

The app provides accurate and reliable data about train schedules, seat availability, and live train status updates so that you can plan your journey accordingly. Information available through the app is trusted and updated regularly.

Fast and responsive

The app responds quickly and delivers up-to-date information speedily, even in low internet connectivity regions, making it an incredibly valuable companion for train travelers.


No ability to book tickets within the app

You cannot book train tickets directly from the app, and it only provides you with necessary information regarding your train journey.

Restricted to Indian railway system

The app is designed specifically for the Indian railway system and therefore may not be useful for people outside India who are looking to track train locations.

Comparison to similar apps

There are various other train apps like IRCTC Rail Connect, Confirmtkt etc. on the Play Store that have many of the same features as Where is my Train. However, they can be difficult to navigate or provide inaccurate information frequently. With that being said, Where is my Train stands out from the competition through its simplicity, clarity, and accuracy.

Tips for using the app

  • Make sure to enable GPS on your device to get accurate train location updates.
  • Always check your PNR status before your trip to ensure that your reservation is confirmed.
  • Be mindful of any local disruptions or delays such as weather conditions and construction works.


Overall, Where is my Train is a very useful app for Indian train travelers who want accurate and real-time information on their train's whereabouts. Its easy-to-use interface, reliability, and real-time tracking make it one of the best apps for travelers who plan their journeys by rail. While it does not provide much post-booking functionality and its usefulness is limited to those traveling within India, the app is still highly recommended to anyone looking to travel by train in India.