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Updated 04-26-2023

Version 6.56.1
Google Play Downloads 425,371,477
Developer AVG Mobile
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Get AVG antivirus free for your Android and install the AVG app to stay apprised of any threats. AVG scans all of your apps, including games and files. It will boost your speed, extend your battery life, and free up space by eliminating or compressing files you don’t need. In other words, it simply makes your device run better. You’ll be faster and more efficient.

Harmful threats on the internet are nothing new, but hackers get more sophisticated all the time. So does AVG. Their industry-leading anti-virus software is constantly updated to respond to new threats, malware, and viruses. If you’re running an Android or Windows operating system, you need this software. Trying to operate without it could lead to crashes and lost data.

AVG offers a number of products that can protect you from viruses and hackers, keep what you do online private, and speed up your devices. Learn more at AVG.com.


  • Scans apps, games, settings, and files in real-time
  • Extend battery life with Power Save
  • Scan Wi-Fi networks for threats
  • Hide private photos in a password-protected Vault to prevent snooping
  • Stay anonymous with VPN


  • Gives warning about potential threats in downloaded files
  • Fees for extra features are reasonable


  • Repeated prompts for additional features is annoying


AVG works well for detecting threats and customer service is good if you have any issues. It is probably worth it to add some of the paid features to take full advantage of what is offered.