Briefing App Review

  • Our Rating: 4 / 5

Updated 04-12-2023

Version 3.4.3
Google Play Downloads 1,738,812,888
Developer Flipboard
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Briefing for Android, developed by Flipboard, is a news and magazine app that provides users with personalized news updates based on their interests. Users can access breaking news, top stories, entertainment, and more from trusted sources across the globe through this app. The app's ID is in the Google Play Store, and it is available for free download.



Briefing combines technology and human curation to bring users a selection of informative and interesting stories from around the world. This news aggregator suggests topics based on the user's individual interests and blends the latest news with timeless features for a well-rounded set of information.


The app can be customized based on the user's preferences, including topics of interest and frequency of updates. Users can add and remove sources to fine-tune their content and even change the layout and appearance of the app to match their aesthetic or reading style.

Offline Capabilities

The app allows users to save stories, articles, and reports for offline reading. By downloading articles ahead of time, users can still have access to this app's content without needing an internet connection or data service.


The app's stories and articles can be easily shared with family, friends, and followers through multiple social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The app's user interface makes sharing incredibly easy, and its integration with popular social media platforms ensures a wide reach for users.


Personalized Content

The app delivers news that aligns specifically with each user's preferences and interests. As a result, users have access to a wealth of relevant content without having to thumb through pages of news stories that don't interest them.

Easy to Use

This app is incredibly streamlined and user-friendly. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making navigation easy even for those who are new to the world of smartphones and mobile apps.

Excellent Offline Capabilities

The app's offline capabilities are a standout feature. Users can save articles and reports ahead of time, allowing readers to access valuable information without an internet connection. This convenience is especially beneficial when traveling or in areas with weak data connectivity.


Bugs and Crashes

Some users have reported glitches or crashes while using the app. While most reviews praise the app's stability, these bugs can be frustrating, particularly for those who primarily use their phones for news consumption.

Occasional Advertisement Overflow

Although this app provides a wealth of curated content across several categories, it is not completely ad-free. Users may experience occasional advertisements sprouting up frequently in between articles, which can be overwhelming for some.

Comparison with Similar Apps

Briefing's major competitor in the news aggregation space is Google News. While both apps provide a varied selection of news from top international sources, Google News' algorithm tends to lean heavier into popular and trending news versus personalized interests. Briefing also has a better interface for offline reading, whereas Google News requires users to add a bookmark for offline reading.

Tips for Using the App

To get the most out of this app, try spending some time customizing your newsfeeds, selecting only the topics that interest you most, and activating offline reading mode. Also, consider connecting Briefing with your social media accounts to make sharing articles and stories a breeze.


Overall, Briefing for Android is an excellent app that is worth a download. Its curation and customization features make it stand out from similar apps in the market. The app's offline reading feature is also a boon for those who prefer to read news on-the-go. Despite some minor bugs and occasional advertisements, Briefing provides a well-rounded and comprehensive news experience tailored to each user's interests. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this app to anyone looking for a simple and personalized news delivery system.