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Updated 12-12-2022

Version 4.0.8 (1.3.275311.0-comics)
Google Play Downloads 12,095,915
Developer comiXology
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If you are a comic book and manga lover, you should definitely check out Comics & Manga by Comixology. This app is available for Android devices and offers you access to the largest digital comic book store. You can browse, purchase, and read thousands of comics and manga titles from anywhere and at any time.


Extensive Library

Comics & Manga by Comixology offers you access to over 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels, and manga titles from publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and more. The library offers a vast selection, including popular franchises such as Batman, Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, and Attack on Titan, as well as indie gems.

Smart Panel View

The app's Smart Panel View feature makes reading comics and manga enjoyable and comfortable with its guided view feature. This feature enables you to focus on each panel individually, one at a time, without disturbing the overall experience.

The Wishlist

The Wishlist is another handy feature that allows you to bookmark and add comics or manga to your Wishlist, enabling you to remember titles that you want to read later quickly. It can also be useful when looking for deals since you can hover or wait for your saved items to go on sale.

X-Ray Search

Another exciting feature that Comics & Manga by Comixology provides is its X-Ray search. By tapping on a character, a term or a creative team, X-Ray search will instantly give you the appearance of that character, relevant issues they appeared in and all relevant creators involved in the story.

Read Offline

You don't need an internet connection to enjoy your favorite comic or manga. With Comics & Manga by Comixology, you can download comics and manga titles and read them offline whenever and wherever you want.


Immersive Reading mode

The guided panel view feature makes reading comics and manga great in the app. It makes the overall experience more enjoyable by focusing on each cell individually while not losing the sense of the whole page.

Cross-Platform Access

The Comics & Manga by Comixology app allows you to take your comics everywhere with you as it allows you to log in to your account on multiple devices. It is also available on multiple platforms such as iOS devices or Amazon Kindle tablets, so that you can switch between them without losing any progress and purchases.

User-Friendly Interface

The app interface is quite easy to navigate which allows users to easily find what they are looking for. The featured categories help to discover new comics and mangas with ease.


Expensive Prices

Having access to comics and manga digitally on your mobile device comes at a premium. Popular issues can be pricey, with some issues costing 5.99 USD or more. However, you can benefit from deals and discounts from time to time and there are many great titles available for less than $1.99.

Reading Experience May Not Be For Everyone

While some enjoy the panel-by-panel method, for others, this may interrupt the overall immersion and title's story. Those who like to see the complete page at once may not enjoy this aspect of Comics & Manga by Comixology. However, you can disable this feature if it bothers you.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Comics & Manga by Comixology compares very favorably to other digital comic book and manga platforms like Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe Infinite, and Crunchyroll. Although it may be more expensive than some of its competitors, it has a more extensive library and offers many unique features that cannot be found elsewhere.

Tips for Using the App

It's an amazing app for your favorite comics, but here are some tips if you're new to the app:

Use Wishlist Feature

Don't forget to add titles that you like to your Wishlist so you can keep track of them.

Comic Vine Integration

Check out the "Find Issues for Me" tool, which searches for other titles with similar creative teams or characters that you've enjoyed before. Additionally, the app integrates with Comic Vine, providing users with detailed information about their favorite characters, creative teams or events.

Smart Panel View

If you want to enjoy the immersive panel view experience while still seeing the whole page, you can use the Best of Both Worlds option in settings.


Comics & Manga by Comixology is a fantastic app that's highly recommended for any comic book or manga enthusiast who loves reading comics digitally on their phone. With its large collection, ease-of-use, and smart features such as Smart Panel View and X-Ray Search, it is one of the best digital comic book and manga platforms available today.