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Updated 05-16-2023

Version 3.03.02
Google Play Downloads 37,120,675
Developer MangaToon
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MangaToon is one of the leading manga readers available on the Google Play Store. Created by Mangatoon HK Limited, this app is the perfect way to experience and read incredible manga titles on your Android devices. With a vast collection of manga series from all genres and languages, MangaToon provides its users with an immersive and visually stunning reading experience that rivals its competitors.


1. Extensive Manga Collection

MangaToon has one of the largest collections of mangas available on any mobile app. With over 50,000 manga series from various genres and languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, to name a few, MangaToon's collection will leave you spoilt for choices.

2. User-Friendly UI

The app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and browsing between chapters and titles. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, with well-crafted menus, large thumbnails, and dynamic search options.

3. Daily Updates

MangaToon provides daily updates to their series, ensuring that the app provides the latest and most popular manga series on the market.

4. Referral Program

The app offers a referral program that lets you earn coins by introducing new users to MangaToon. Coins can then be used to unlock great content on the app, making it easier to access your favorite manga titles.


1. Large Collection

MangaToon has an extensive collection of manga series, including both popular and obscure titles, providing something for everyone. The variety of content ensures that readers will always find something new to explore and enjoy.

2. Quality of Content

MangaToon offers an incredible reading experience, with high-quality images and excellent translations for series not in English.

3. User-Friendly UI

The interface is well-organized and easy to use, making it simple to find and read new and favorite titles. Navigation is intuitive and the app is incredibly smooth in operation.

4. Manga Community

The app has a fan base of readers that can interact, discuss and even make recommendations about manga titles within the app's platform, creating an interactive environment for users.


1. Limited Language Availability

Although some non-native languages are available, there might be some difficulty finding lesser-known titles in your native language additionally some titles are not available in certain languages.

2. In-App Purchases

The app relies heavily on coins to access premium content, so it requires in-app purchases to access some of its features. While some coins can be earned through referrals, unlocking some content may require spending actual money.

Detailed Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to its competitors, MangaToon is one of the few manga readers offering a unique community service. This feature provides readers with a better interactive experience while also allowing them to discover new manga series. Additionally, MangaToon's referral program provides users the opportunity to earn coins without having to spend any cash. It sets itself apart from most of its competitors by providing a fresh and user-friendly interface.

Tips for Using the App

1. Stay Up-to-Date

Users need to update regularly to get new chapters of their favorite series daily.

2. Earn Coins through Referral Program

MangaToon offers a referral program that enables users to earn coins by referring friends to the app. It's an easy way to earn coins, which can then be used for unlocking new content.


In the end, MangaToon is an excellent manga reader app that delivers great content and a user-friendly experience that rivals similar apps in its genre. MangaToon features an extensive collection, incredible community features and user interface, providing it's readers with an immersive and visually stunning reading experience. Although it has some drawbacks (the limited language availability, in-app purchases), MangaToon outweighs these issues by providing top-quality manga series and a range of interactive features that make it easy for manga enthusiasts to enjoy a great reading experience on their Android devices. We highly recommend this app to anyone who loves manga as one of the best comics apps on the Google Play Store.