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Updated 01-10-2023

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Developer Google LLC
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Google Maps Go is a lightweight version of the widely popular Google Maps app, designed for Android devices with limited storage or slower internet connectivity. The app promises to help you explore the world faster and easier using various features and tools that make navigation a breeze.


  • Accurate mapping and directions
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Street view of locations
  • Public Transit information
  • Offline maps and navigation


  • Faster and more lightweight experience
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Accurate and up to date mapping data
  • Provides detailed public transit information
  • Ability to download maps for offline use


  • Limited features compared to the full version
  • Cannot use most of the advanced features without internet connectivity
  • Not as comprehensive as other mapping apps in terms of details

Detailed Features, Pros, and Cons

Accurate mapping and directions

Google Maps Go offers accurate mapping data and turn-by-turn directions to your destination. The app uses real-time traffic updates to suggest the fastest route, and provides various transportation options based on your location.

Real-time traffic updates

The app offers real-time traffic updates to help you avoid traffic jams and get to your destination faster. You can see the estimated time of arrival and choose the best route based on traffic conditions.

Street view of locations

With Google Maps Go, you can explore destinations and get a street-level view of your location. This feature is perfect for those who are new to an area or want to get a better sense of the surroundings before visiting.

Public Transit information

The app provides detailed public transit information, including schedules, routes, and fares. You can use this feature to plan your trip and save time by avoiding transfers and delays.

Offline maps and navigation

You can download maps and directions to use offline, which is a great feature if you're traveling to a place with limited internet connectivity. The app can save information for several destinations, and you can access it even without an internet connection.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Google Maps Go is designed to be a lightweight alternative to the full version of Google Maps. It offers most of the basic features of the full app, but sacrifices more advanced features such as lane guidance, voice commands, and integrations with other apps.

Compared to other lightweight mapping apps such as Waze or Here WeGo, Google Maps Go offers a more comprehensive mapping database and more accurate public transit information. However, those apps may be more suitable for drivers due to their more advanced driving tools.

Tips for Using the App

  • Use the "Explore" tab to find nearby attractions, restaurants or shops
  • Download maps in advance to avoid using data while traveling
  • Use public transit mode to compare transportation options and save more time and money
  • Enable notifications to get real-time traffic updates and stay informed about delays

Conclusion - Would I recommend it?

Overall, Google Maps Go is a solid choice for those who need an accurate and easy-to-use mapping app. It provides most of the essential features, while allowing you to save space on your smartphone and avoid using too much data. While it may not be as advanced as other mapping apps, it still offers useful features for exploring the world around you. If you have limited storage or slower internet connectivity, I would highly recommend giving Google Maps Go a try.