Mangacollec App Review

  • Our Rating: 2 / 5

Updated 05-08-2023

Version 2.7.2
Google Play Downloads 295,554
Developer Freddy Harris
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Mangacollec is one of the best apps for manga lovers who want to stay updated on their favorite series wherever they go. Available exclusively for Android, this app lets users browse through an extensive collection of manga titles and save them for offline reading. It provides a user-friendly platform, excellent organizational features, and numerous customization options that make reading manga more enjoyable than ever.


Browsing and Searching:

Mangacollec offers an extensive library of manga series that can be easily browsed by genre, popularity, release date, and alphabetical order. Additionally, there's a search feature that lets you find specific titles, authors or artists. Once you’ve found the manga that you were looking for, you can add it to your list, bookmark, and keep track of the progress of reading.


The app provides several customization options that let you customize the reading experience according to your preferences. For instance, you can change the background color and choose from over 10 pre-defined themes. Additionally, Mangacollec lets you set a reading mode that optimizes the screen according to if it’s Day or Night. You can also zoom in and out of pages on slow networks or through shaky service providers.

Download Options:

Mangacollec makes reading manga convenient and comfortable by offering a variety of download options. You can download entire volumes, chapters, or single pages to read offline. The downloading works in the background so you won’t have to keep the app open while it works. The app container is very small so you can boost your smartphone's anime game without sacrificing storage space.



The UI of Mangacollec is simple, and you can quickly navigate to different features on the app. The app's speed is fast, with pages loaded instantly as they are loaded up in the in-app browser. The manga summaries are also useful, providing an overview of the manga you are considering reading even before you start.

Plenty of Titles:

The app boasts a vast collection of titles that makes it a one-stop shop for all your manga needs. Nearly every popular weekly/monthly series as well as a few underrated classics are available for users who want to read from start to finish. There is never a chance that one would mistake Mangacollec’s collection for a weak selection of manga.


Limited Selection

Although the app has a diverse collection of manga, some older or less popular titles are missing. Users may have to look outside the app to find the most obscure title or series.


Mangacollec’s biggest rival is clearly Manga Rock or Tachiyomi since both have similar, well-rounded offerings. However, where those apps offer more customizable features, Mangacollec excels by keeping user experience simple, fast, and easy to manage. While these apps are better for users who are trying to scrutinize their experience, Mangacollec provides the manga reader who wants their manga experience streamlined.


  • Set your preferred theme and background according to your lighting preferences in order to have the best reading experience.
  • Browse through the summary/overview of a manga title to prevent disappointments in discovering an undesired plot, characters or art style.
  • Sort the library by filters to find the manga you want quickly and easily.


Mangacollec is a user-friendly app that’s perfect for manga fans of all ages. It offers easy browsing, downloading capabilities, organization, and customization making it a complete reader package. With its vast collection of titles and smooth interface, this app is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to read manga on the go. So, if you’re looking for an app that is both beautiful and functional, Mangacollec should be your go-to choice.