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Updated 04-29-2023

Version v14.4.71543-googleRelease
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MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav for Android is a useful app for travelers who want to have access to detailed offline maps and navigation without the need for internet connection. It allows users to download maps of over 140 countries, get step-by-step directions, search for specific locations, and discover interesting places around them. With its user-friendly interface and reliable data, MAPS.ME is a must-have app for those who want to explore new destinations without any connection problems or data charges.


Offline Maps and Navigation

One of the most prominent features of MAPS.ME is its ability to provide offline maps and navigation. The app supports offline maps of more than 140 countries, which means that users can still access accurate maps and navigation without using any data or relying on an internet connection. This feature makes it ideal for users who travel frequently to locations where internet coverage is spotty, unstable, or not available at all.

Search Functionality

The search function of MAPS.ME is simple yet powerful. Users can search for specific locations such as restaurants, shops, hotels, and tourist destinations by name, address, or even by category. The app also provides detailed information about each place such as photos, ratings, reviews, and opening hours so users can make informed decisions about where they want to go.

Bookmarking and Lists

MAPS.ME allows users to easily save their favorite places and create customized lists for different needs. For example, users can create a list for "Restaurants" in a specific area or create a list of "Must-Visit" tourist attractions for their upcoming trip. This feature comes in handy when planning a trip or exploring a new city, as it allows users to organize their itinerary and navigate more efficiently.

Real-Time Traffic Updates

MAPS.ME provides real-time traffic updates for users, allowing them to avoid congested areas and road closures. This feature saves time and frustration while traveling by providing an alternate route whenever possible. Real-time traffic is also helpful when commuting to work or driving in busy cities where traffic can change rapidly.


Accurate Offline Maps

The app's offline maps are highly detailed and accurate, offering users a reliable source of navigation even without an internet connection.

Easy to Use Interface

The interface of MAPS.ME is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to access the app's features and benefits. The app is straightforward, and its simple design ensures ease of use and service for all users.

Nearby Places

The app enables users to know which places of interest are close by to their current location, which makes it simple for users to discover new areas they may have missed if using other map apps.

Customized Travel Guides

The app enables users to make customized travel guides that cater to their unique needs rather than using a generalized guide like a lot of other mapping apps provide.


Limited Public Transit Information

MAPS.ME is not suited to providing information on public transportation routes and schedules as it is primarily focused on directions for motorists and cyclists.

Premium Features Only Last 7 Days

While some advanced features of the app are available to free users, those who want unlimited use will need to purchase a subscription, which lasts only seven days.

Unreliable Routing in Remote Areas

In remote areas, the app's routing can be a bit unreliable, and users are advised to use discretion while depending on these roads as maps are not always accurate for such places.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to similar apps like Google Maps and Waze, MAPS.ME stands out because of its ability to provide offline maps, which means that users can still access navigation without an internet connection. While other apps offer some offline map capabilities, they are usually limited to smaller sections, whereas MAPS.ME offers extensive coverage, making it ideal for frequent travelers who need reliable data even outside of urban areas.

Tips for Using the App

To use MAPS.ME efficiently, users should download maps for their destination in advance to avoid relying on an internet connection. They should also add bookmarks and create custom lists to plan their itinerary and navigate with ease. Additionally, for increased accuracy in remote areas, users should compare the app's directions with signage and landmarks to avoid getting lost or stranded.


Overall, MAPS.ME is an excellent travel and navigation app for Android devices. It provides offline maps, easy to use interface, real-time traffic, and an ample number of useful features that make it essential for frequent travelers. Moreover, the app's search functionality and bookmarking system enable users to discover interesting places and plan their itinerary with ease. While there are some limitations, especially when it comes to public transportation information, MAPS.ME is still a useful app to have in your pocket. Therefore, we highly recommend it to those who want to travel confidently without worrying about losing their way or using a lot of data during their trip.