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Updated 05-16-2023

Version Varies
Google Play Downloads 436,244,994
Developer Google LLC
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The Messages by Google app offers a simple and user-friendly platform for Android phone users to text, share media, and communicate with contacts. With its clean and organized interface, this messaging app provides a variety of features to enhance the messaging experience on mobile devices.


1. Simple Messaging

The app offers a seamless messaging experience, allowing users to send and receive text messages, photos, videos, and other files all within one app.

2. Rich Media Sharing

Users can exchange media files such as photos, videos, and even audio messages, as well as share their location and create group messages.

3. Handy Search Bar

The search bar feature enables users to find specific messages, contacts, or content within their messages quickly and easily.

4. Caller Identification

The Messages by Google app is also equipped with a feature that identifies spam callers, rescue the user from unwanted calls, and assist in timely communication.


1. Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The app's clean and organized interface makes it easy for users to navigate through various functions smoothly, even those not familiar with smartphone apps or new to Android phones.

2. Seamless Integration

The app integrates perfectly with SMS/MMS communications and functions, making it the go-to app for messaging on Android devices.

3. Spam Alert

The app recognizes incoming spam calls, thereby protecting users' privacy and saving them time and frustration.

4. Quick Reply Feature

The app allows users to send quick replies within a few taps, eliminating the need to stop what they're doing and open the app to respond.


1. Limited Customization

The app fails to offer much scope for customization or personalization outside of customizing the font size; users might find the lack of customization options unappealing.

2. Lack of Web Interface

The Messages by Google app currently has no web interface or companion desktop app like some of its competitors, placing a limit to its use.

3. No Video Message Editing

The application lacks the feature to edit videos but makes up for it with seamless sending and receiving of videos.

4. Not Ideal for Cross-Platform Communication

As an App specifically tailored to Android devices, Messages by Google officially does not support cross-platform SMS/MMS messaging outside Android devices.

Comparison to Similar Apps

The Messages by Google app competes with other messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Facebook Messenger. Although these apps have more extensive features and are more popular among users, they don't offer the reliability and familiarity of traditional SMS/MMS communication that the Messages app provides. WhatsApp provides a feature-rich texting platform with end-to-end encryption; however, it lacks an SMS/MMS integration feature. Signal is also good, but it requires users to signup, and getting people onboarded can be a bit tricky.

Tips for Using the App

Messages by Google app is relatively straightforward to use but here are some quick user tips:

1. Activate Spam Protection

Go to your messages app settings and activate spam protection to protect yourself from unwanted calls and texts.

2. Search Messages

The search bar feature enables you to find specific messages, contacts, or content within your messages quickly and easily.

3. Use of Quick Reply Feature

Tap and hold a message notification to reply to incoming messages without opening the app.

4. Configure Notifications

Change the sound settings or notifications for messages according to your preference by going to the app menu, then settings, followed by message notifications. You can also change the vibration pattern of notifications.


The Messages by Google app provides a simple yet reliable messaging platform for Android devices with unique features such as spam protection and chat search functionality. While it may not provide the same broad range of features as its competitors or have a web interface support, it exceeds in performance in SMS/MMS messaging compared to these competitors. The application is recommended for anyone looking for smooth communication with familiar SMS /MMS functionality on Android devices.