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Updated 05-15-2023

Version 1.10.0
Google Play Downloads 168,849
Developer Kumumedia International Pte Ltd
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Penlab is a popular Android app that allows users to read, discover, and save manga, comics, and webtoons from a vast collection of artists, authors, and publishers. The app brings a modern design, streamlined user interface, and excellent reading experience, making it a go-to tool for comic and manga fans looking for quality content.


1. Diverse Library

Penlab houses an extensive library of thousands of comics, webtoons, and manga titles from some of the best artists and publishers worldwide. It covers an impressive range of genres, including action, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, horror, and more, offering something for everyone.

2. Customizable Reading Experience

With Penlab, you can create your own personalized reading space. The app allows you to adjust brightness, background, and font size to maximize your reading comfort. You can also switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling and use the webtoon mode for an enhanced reading experience.

3. Notifications and Bookmarks

Penlab enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest updates from your favorite comics or series by enabling notifications for new chapters or releases. You can also bookmark your favorite titles, authors, or publishers to maintain easy access to them later on.

4. User Interaction and Feedback

With Penlab, users have the opportunity to engage with their preferred artists, authors, or publishers through comments, ratings, feedback, and suggestions. This feature empowers users to share their thoughts or ask questions and contribute to the rich, supportive community surrounding Penlab.


1. Huge Library and Diverse Genres

Penlab excels in diversity, letting you explore several genres and thousands of titles across comics, webtoons, and manga.

2. Excellent User Interface

The app has a modern design and streamlined interface that makes navigation, reading, and searching easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

3. Personalized Reading Experience

Penlab allows for customization of reading preferences to ensure maximum comfort while binge-reading your favorite titles.

4. Engage with the Author

Users can interact with authors on Penlab through comments and ratings to provide feedback and suggestions.


1. Inconsistent Release Schedules

Some titles on Penlab may have inconsistent release schedules; this can be frustrating for users eagerly awaiting new chapter releases.

2. Bugs and App Crashes

Occasionally, the app may crash or encounter bugs, leading to reduced functionality or an unpleasant user experience.

Comparison to Similar Apps

Compared to other manga and comic reader apps like Tachiyomi, Manga Storm, and Manga Rock, Penlab has a more extensive library, more diverse genre base, and user engagement features such as ratings and comments. The app's personalization options also make it stand out when compared to others.

Tips for Using the App

Here are some tips for using Penlab to optimize your experience:

1. Customize Your Settings

Adjust the brightness, font size, and scrolling options to customize your reading preferences.

2. Bookmark Favorite Titles

Bookmark your favorite comics, authors, or publishers to stay updated on their latest releases.

3. Leave Comments and Ratings

Engage with the creators and authors by leaving ratings, feedbacks, and comments on their series or single chapter.


Overall, Penlab is an excellent app for anyone looking for a well-designed, user-friendly comic and manga reader. With its vast collection of titles, personalized reading options, and user engagement features, this app offers everything a reader could want. Despite some minor bugs and inconsistent release schedules, the app provides an enjoyable reading experience that fosters a sense of community and appreciation for artists and authors. Highly recommended for all comic and manga enthusiasts.