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Updated 04-10-2023

Version 6.0.6
Google Play Downloads 10,632,155
Developer Escolha Tecnologia
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Translator Woman's Voice - TTS is an app that caters to those who frequently encounter language barriers. It is specifically designed for Android devices and can be particularly useful when you need to converse with someone who speaks a different language.


Voice Translator:

The primary feature of this app is its voice translator. The app can translate spoken words in real-time, so conversations can happen just as naturally as they would without a language barrier. Simply speak into your phone and let the app do the rest!

Text Input Translator:

The app also has a text input translator where you can type a phrase or sentence and have it translated into any available language. This comes in handy when you need to communicate with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Multiple Languages:

Translator Woman's voice supports various languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, and many others.

Voice Selection:

You can choose different women voice options for the translations in the app.


Easy to Use:

The app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate without any complications.

Real-Time Translation:

With the voice translator feature, you can talk to someone in real-time, without having to wait for a written response. This makes face-to-face conversations much easier and more efficient.

Text-to-speech feature:

Translator Woman's Voice comes with a powerful text-to-speech feature, that can pronounce both original and translated texts with clear pronunciation, making it easier for the user to understand the translations.


In-App Ads:

The free version of the app contains intrusive ads that might get in the way during usage, which can be frustrating for some users.

Internet Connection Required:

The app requires an internet connection to function, so you need to have a stable internet connection at all times.


When compared to other translation apps that solely focus on written translations, Translator Woman's Voice - TTS stands out as it offers both text and speech translation features. The real-time voice translator is unparalleled and makes it the better choice over typing out messages if you want to avoid misunderstandings. It also offers a diverse list of women voices to choose from, making it a unique experience for users.


For better results when using Translator Woman's Voice - TTS, always try speaking slowly and clearly into your phone. It will help the app pick up your words accurately and translate them correctly.


If you are someone who needs to communicate in different languages frequently, or someone who travels a lot, then Translator Woman's Voice - TTS could be very useful for you. Though the app comes with few downsides, the positives far outweigh them. Its accuracy and practicality make it a reliable app for anyone looking to overcome language barriers.