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Updated 01-27-2023

Google Play Downloads 11,400,842
Developer Quick Heal Technologies
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If you are looking for a reliable antivirus and mobile security application for your Android device, then Antivirus and Mobile Security from Quick Heal Technologies is definitely worth consideration. The app is designed with multiple features that cater to protecting your device against malware, spyware, trojans, and other potential threats.



The app comes with advanced and efficient scanning technologies that detect and remove malware and other types of viruses. The antivirus feature provides real-time protection, safeguarding your device from potential threats automatically. It also has the ability to perform a scheduled scan, which ensures that your device remains protected around the clock.

Web Security:

This feature safeguards you from malicious websites when browsing. It detects and blocks sites that contain harmful elements, keeping your personal information secure at all times.

App Lock:

The app lock feature allows you to protect sensitive apps on your phone by creating a PIN or a password.


In the event of theft or loss of your device, Antivirus and Mobile Security provides Anti-Theft features such as remote locking, capturing images of the thief, and more.

Call Blocking:

You can also use the app to block unwanted calls or messages from spammers, telemarketers, or unknown numbers.


Efficient Protection:

The antivirus and mobile security features provided by Antivirus and Mobile Security are powerful and effective.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app's interface is easy-to-use for users who may not be tech-savvy. Navigation is straightforward, with different features easily accessible.

Fast Scanning:

The antivirus feature scans your device quickly, ensuring protection without slowing down your phone's performance.



The app comes with advertisements that can be a bit intrusive to some users. However, they do not affect the app's functionality.

Premium Subscription:

While the free version of the app still provides significant security features, the best ones are reserved for the premium version, which will cost you some money.

Comparison to Similar Apps:

Compared to other antivirus and mobile security apps, Antivirus and Mobile Security from Quick Heal Technologies is an excellent choice with numerous essential features. Its competitors offer similar features but may have a more complicated interface, which can be difficult for some users to navigate. Antivirus and Mobile Security also offers much better pricing options than its competitors.

Detailed Tips:

For optimal protection, ensure that you update the app regularly to avoid missing any important security measure updates. It is also recommended to enable the app's "Anti-virus Protection" feature to ensure real-time protection


If you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly antivirus and mobile security app that won't break the bank, then Antivirus and Mobile Security from Quick Heal Technologies is definitely worth considering. It offers robust security measures, fast scanning, and user-friendly features ideal for both novice and advanced users alike. However, if you're not comfortable with ads or prefer not to pay for premium features, other options are available.