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Updated 03-30-2023

Version 6.56.1
Google Play Downloads 43,548,503
Developer AVG Mobile
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AVG Protection is a comprehensive mobile protection app for Android devices, designed to keep your phone secure from viruses, malware, and other potentially harmful threats. Developed by AVG Technologies, this app offers many advanced features, such as antivirus protection, performance optimization, and privacy controls, all in one package.


Antivirus Protection

The antivirus feature of the app provides real-time protection against malware, spyware, viruses and other dangerous files that can harm your device. It has automatic scanning modes that can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or users can choose to run a scan manually at any time.

Performance Optimization

The performance optimization tool is designed to clean up clutter, junk files, and to speed up the overall performance of your device. The app offers a range of optimization options, including the ability to clear cache data, delete files, and improve battery life by closing unnecessary apps running in the background.

Privacy Controls

The privacy controls of the app allow you to control access to your personal data, photos, and other sensitive files. You can manage app permissions, block calls and messages, and protect your Wi-Fi network with the app's built-in security features.


User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of the app is intuitive and easy to use, making it an effortless experience for anyone to navigate through the various tools and features.

Advanced Scanning Capabilities

The app offers multiple scanning modes and the ability to schedule scans, providing users with reliable and robust protection against any suspicious files or data.

All-In-One Protection

The app's combination of antivirus protection, performance optimization, and privacy controls, makes it a versatile and comprehensive mobile protection system that covers all bases.


Intrusive Advertising

Although the app is free to use, it might show some ads, and users might find them intrusive at times, affecting their overall experience of the app.

High Demand on Phone Resources

The app might be demanding on the phone's resources, especially when it's running scans and performing optimization tasks. This might cause a slowdown in performance during these tasks.

Comparison to Similar Apps

AVG Protection for Android is one of the top-performing mobile security applications available. It is comparable to other popular apps like Avast Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security, and Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus.

Compared to Avast Mobile Security, AVG offers more comprehensive privacy control settings, while Norton Mobile Security provides more detailed information about vulnerabilities and threats detected in apps installed on the device. When compared to Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, AVG Protection scores high with its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.

Tips for Using the App

Regular Scans

To ensure maximum protection, make sure to schedule regular scanning sessions or run manual scans frequently to check for any potential threats.

Optimization Settings

Use the optimization tool regularly to clear up junk files and space on your device to keep it running smoothly.

Privacy Controls

Take advantage of the privacy control features to manage app permissions and gain better control over personal data while using various applications.


AVG Protection for Android is a well-designed and versatile mobile protection app that offers extensive features, including antivirus protection, performance optimization, and privacy controls. The app's interface is user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation through the variety of tools and options available.

Despite some potential downsides, which include intrusive advertising and high demands on phone resources, the benefits of AVG Protection outweigh the negatives. Thus we strongly recommend this app for those looking for a mobile protection application that is easy to use and comprehensive in its protection capabilities.