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Updated 04-14-2023

Google Play Downloads 80,924,861
Developer One Dot Moblie Limited
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If you're looking for an antivirus tool that offers robust protection against malware, spyware, and other online threats, One Security: Antivirus for Android might be just what you need. Developed by CleanTeam, this app has a lot to offer its users. In this review, we'll take a closer look at its features, pros, cons as well as comparisons to similar apps.


Virus scanner and removal

The app's virus scanner has the ability to identify malware and viruses that exist on your device and remove them swiftly. It scans apps automatically once they are installed, providing you with comprehensive protection throughout your usage of the app.

Cleaning tools

One security presents you with various options to free up space and clean unwanted files from your phone. This will help to optimize your system, speed up its performance and extend its battery life.

Browsing protection

One Security: Antivirus for Android protects your device while you browse the internet, warning you immediately if you encounter any malicious sites or links. It also ensures that the links and sites you visit are secure and safe, keeping hackers and private users at bay.

Anti-Theft features

The app possesses anti-theft features that can help you locate your device in case it is stolen or lost. You can activate the phone's alarms remotely, lock the screen or even wipe out all data stored in it using the remote controls provided.


User-friendly interface

The app's interface is simple and easy to navigate, with each feature accessible via clearly labeled icons. Users hardly have difficulty figuring out how to use the app.

Customizable scanning options

The app allows you to set up the scanning times of your device, either scheduled or manual scans. You can also choose the apps and the files you want to be scanned, providing you with total control over your device's security.

Excellent protection levels

The app delivers real-time protection and excellent malware detection levels, proving itself a reliable tool for protecting your Android device against online threats.


It can interfere with the phone's performance

One Security: Antivirus for Android can sometimes slow down your device's performance during scans or while running in the background. However, this depdends on the phone's specific configuration, and not all users will have this issue.

Excessive permission requests

The app requests users' permission to access a lot of their phone's information, including contacts, messages, and media files, which some people might consider an invasion of privacy.

Comparisons to Similar Apps

Compared to other antivirus apps, One Security: Antivirus for Android is a strong contender in terms of usability and robust features. However, it may fall short against other more well-known apps when it comes to brand recognition and user base. Unlike bigger competitors, One Security: Antivirus for Android struggles to keep up with advertising and software updates that are necessary to maintain popularity among users.

Tips for Using the App

  • Make sure to check the settings of the app and make adjustments according to your needs
  • Perform scan routines regularly to ensure optimal performance of the antivirus feature
  • Be careful before granting permission to this app to access private information on your device


One Security: Antivirus for Android is an excellent tool for users that require comprehensive protection against malware and viruses, with its strong virus detection and removal capabilities. It offers a broad range of features that helps to safeguard your online activities against all sorts of threats. Although it can slow down your devices' performance, the benefits outweigh any demerits associated with the app. Nonetheless, we recommend giving it a try, as it provides adequate value for what it's worth.