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Updated 05-11-2023

Version 5.3.69
Google Play Downloads 207,397,526
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WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect is a free Android app that allows users to manage their WiFi automatically. The app is developed by Halo App Team and falls under the category of Tools in the Google Play Store. It boasts multiple features such as WiFi detecting, connecting, and managing with ease.


Automatic WiFi Connection

WiFi Master is designed to connect your device to the available WiFi network automatically. This feature is extremely helpful for those who move between different locations frequently, such as commuters or travelers. Once you have set up the network passwords initially, the app will remember them and connect automatically wherever the Wi-Fi is available.

WiFi Scanner

The app also comes with a WiFi scanner that can help you discover nearby networks quickly. It scans all the Wi-Fi access points and ranks them based on signal strength, allowing you to choose the one with a stronger connection.

WiFi Safety Test

A handy built-in feature is checking the safety of a WiFi before you connect to it. The app precisely determines the risk level of each WiFi, so you'll be informed If a network poses a security threat.

Data Analysis

WiFi Master keeps track of your data usage daily, weekly or monthly. It measures your internet speed and checks for interruptions in the connection to ensure that you always stay connected.


**Saves Time:**

WiFi Master saves time by connecting you automatically to the available network without manual intervention from you.

**User-friendly interface:**

The application has a simple user interface making it easy for everyone to use irrespective of technical background.

**Fast and Accurate:**

The app provides fast, accurate and reliable WiFi connections due to its advanced scanning capabilities.


**Limited usage:**

The app can only be used on Android devices; some iOS or Windows users might require another application to provide automatic WiFi connection.

**Inconsistent detections:**

The app's WiFi detection feature is not always consistent as it tends to pick up even the slightest signals. This can be frustrating at times.

Detailed Tips for WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect

Tip #1: How to disable Wi-Fi Master?

If you want to disable Wi-Fi Master from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks, go to "Settings" on the app, and switch off the "Auto Connect." You can also delete previously added networks in the same settings menu.

Tip #2: How to enable WiFi Scanner?

Enable the Wi-Fi scanner by clicking on “scan,” located on the top right corner of the application, and it will display all available WiFi networks in range.

Comparison to Similar Apps

WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect competes against several other auto-connect Wi-Fi applications like Wifi Auto Connect, Wi-Fi Connection Manager, etc. In comparison, WiFi Master has a simple and user-friendly interface making it easy to use. Its WiFi scanner and safety test features make it unique in comparison to other apps.


If you're tired of manually connecting your device to different Wi-Fi networks every time you move around with your device, WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect is an excellent solution. As well as offering various features such as automatic connection, WiFi scanner, wifi security test, and data tracking, it makes WiFi management easier. Despite its few drawbacks, I would recommend this app to anyone who frequently moves around as it saves time, energy, and makes Wi-Fi management convenient.