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Everyone wants to follow their favorite team. It’s not just about scores and highlights. What about the back stories, the trades, the locker room controversies? It’s the drama that captures ourattention. You won’t miss a minute of what’s going on when you have one of these great sports apps. Pick your flavor. They’re all good, but some may have features others do not. We’ve attempted to provide you a short list of the better sports apps below: 

Yahoo Sports

One of the top apps for sports news and live games, Yahoo Sports draws on the largest media outlets in the world to provide you the very best in sports. Watch football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and more. Set your favorites and get updates on all activities from your favorite teams, players, and coaches. You’ll always be in the loop with Yahoo Sports. Looking for fantasy options? You don’t have to go anywhere else. Check out Yahoo Fantasy Slate to get in early in league drafts and engaged with fantasy players throughout the season.   

The Score

It’s nice to know the final score, but did your team cover the spread? The Score is an app which will provide you both. View sports news, scores and highlights, and keep track of the latest betting lines. Personalize your feed and get up to the minute updates on live action and behind the scenes stories. Prepping for the big game? Get the latest injury reports and chatter from both teams. Into the Premiere League? The Score covers it, along with FIFA, La Liga, Bundesliga, Europa, and Coppa Italia. This app offers the complete package for sports enthusiasts.


There are some sports events you just can’t watch anywhere else. Get access to all live sports on the ESPN app, along with twenty-four hours news coverage of all your favorite teams and players. ESPN broadcasts Monday Night Football, NBA, MLB, NCAA, the Masters, UEFA Euro, MLS, and Wimbledon. It’s also home to great sports shows like SportsCenter, PTI, First Take, Sports Nation, and the Jump. The clear number one in all things sports, ESPN is the network to watch and the app to have if you’re a sports enthusiast. No one else really comes close.

The Athletic

Quality sports writing is hard to come by. The writers at the Athletic don’t just spew out stats and scores. They do in-depth research and interviews to bring you the very best in sports reporting. Get the latest updates on all major league sports and college athletics. Watch former athletes and professional journalists analyze all the games and highlights. You don’t have to just be an observer. Learn more about the sports you love and engage via chat with the writers who are covering them. The Athletic isn’t just reporting, it’s a participation sports app. 


Are you ready to go to the next level? DraftKings isn’t a sports reporting app. It’s a fantasy app where you can win money by drafting your favorite players and playing against other fantasy gurus from around the world. Choose your favorite sport. Basketball. Football. Hockey. Golf. They’re all contained inside this app. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It should be on your phone.