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How much junk do you eat every day? If you live in the United States, the majority of your diet is high in fructose corn syrup and carbohydrates. Burger and Fries? Fried Chicken? How about a Burrito from Chipotle? These are daily food selections for many of us and they are not, by any stretch of the imagination, healthy choices. Eating healthy isn’t easy. That’s why there are apps out there to help us do it. Check out this list:


The main problem with eating healthy food is shopping for it. Everyone knows that the produce aisle is a better place to be than the frozen food section. Mealime doesn’t just help you plan healthy meals. It automatically creates a grocery shopping list, so you know exactly what to buy when you go to the supermarket. Every diet you can think of is built into this powerful app, from low carb and keto to paleo and vegan. The app is free, but if you want professional help you can subscribe to the pro version for $5.99 a month.  


Do you know what the ingredients are in that food you’re about to buy? Fooducate has a database of over 250,000 barcodes containing all the nutritional information you need to make a healthy choice. This app offers you diet and weight loss tips, along with a meal tracker to ensure you’re staying on track. Use it for a while and you’ll wonder why you ever went to the supermarket without it. Personalize your experience and set goals for best results.


This app bills itself as a meal planner and macro tracker. Like the rest of the apps on this page, it’s free and provides nutritional meal plans to help you lose weight. Diet plans are built in or you can create your own. Lifesum comes with a calorie counter and barcode scanner to log in your daily meal choices. It also has a macro counter to keep tabs on daily nutrition and fitness levels. You can even keep a food diary to track meals and calorie intakes.

Healthy Eating Meal Plans

The name of the app says it all. It’s one thing to say you’re going to eat healthier. It’s quite another to actually do it. The Healthy Eating Meal Plans app is a tool you can use to plan more nutritious meals that help you stay fit and lose weight. Each of their recipes is required to pass an inhouse taste test before they’ll even publish it on the app. You don’t have to be a martyr to get in shape. There is a world where food is healthy and tastes good. You can find it in this app.

Eat this Much

Do you know that Americans heap more on their plates than people from any other country in the world? We just eat too much. Most diets teach you that at the very beginning. Smaller portions and eating more often during the day will help you to be a more fit and energetic person. The “Eat this Much” app incorporates this principle into their technology. Meal plans are designed to give you all the food you need, but not overload you.