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You don’t have to travel to a different country to speak a foreign language. The United States is a melting pot. To fully understand the diverse cultures we have here at home, it’s important to speak the right language. How many friends do you have who speak Spanish or Chinese? Wouldn’t you like to converse with them in their native tongue? They could help you learn their language and then you could travel to their country of origin. How cool would that be? Give yourself a head start by installing one of the following apps:


Definitely the top-rated free language app, Duolingo offers comprehensive lessons in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and thirty-one other languages, including English. This app was designed by language experts and has a science-based teaching methodology that is both fun and effective. The app is free and contains games and virtual characters to keep you entertained while you’re learning. Over 300 million users have installed this app.

Simply Learn Languages

Totally free language apps with fifty or more languages are hard to find. Simply Learn Languages is everything that its title suggests. Each language is spoken aloud by a native speaker, so you get the accents and pronunciation correct. Common words and phrases are compiled into an easily accessible guidebook you can use when you travel. This app employs quizzes and flashcards to make learning quick and easy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the clean layout, simple navigation, and high-quality audio.  

Learn 33 by Mondly

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveler looking to improve your daily communications, Learn 33 has something to offer you. Looking for the best way to learn a language for free? Choose which language you want to learn and set the schedule to feed you one lesson per day. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking fluently like a native. This app is that powerful, and it is completely 100% free to install.  


Yup, the title says it all. This app contains one hundred lessons to teach you fifty languages free of charge. Better yet, you don’t have to be online to use it. Learn offline with audio files you can download to your mp3 player and don’t worry about bandwidth or Wi-Fi connections. You alsodon’t have to be concerned if English isn’t your primary language. There are 3000 language combinations built in to 50Languages. Go from Chinese to Spanish, German to Vietnamese, or English to anywhere in the world. The power will be in your hands.


Have fun learning a new language by reading stories in different languages side by side. Beelinguapp is different. There are no flashcards. This app translates your favorite childhood stories, short stories, and novels. You can read them by yourself or with loved ones and listen to the audio, so you know you have the pronunciation correct. There’s karaoke style animation and no memorization. You naturally pick up vocabulary and sentence structure while you’re reading.  This app is free and has been downloaded to over one million devices.