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Hardcovers, paperbacks, and bookshelves take up too much space. Most folks these days are reading on electronic devices, opening up the door for app developers to create new reader apps. Which ones are the best? It really comes down to personal preference and reading selection. The top three reader apps are Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play Books. Which one is right for you? Read below to compare:

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is the most popular reader app because it’s the most cost effective to get into and is connected to the largest online seller in the world. The app is free, but your best move is to become an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of savings on all your favorite eBooks and audio books. The cost is only $99 per year. You do not need a reader to use the Kindle app. It’s compatible with your phone or tablet, meaning you can take it anywhere. If you do prefer to use an eReader, Kindle devices run $80 for the basic model and $120 for Paperwhite or Voyage.

Apple Books (iBooks)

If you own an iPhone, you already have this app as part of your original bundle package. It’s a reader, but it’s also a utility app. You can download eBooks and audio books from the online store, or you can use it to customize and highlight pdfs. You can even use this app to download books exclusive to Apple and then open them on another device. Apple Books, like all Apple products, is updated frequently to guard against service disruptions and malware. It’s safe, simple, and easy to use. It’s also 100% free. Apple Books is not compatible for Android devices.

Google Play Books

This app gives you access to over five million books and eBooks and is compatible with Androids and IOS devices. Google Play Books is more than just a reader app, though. You can sync it with other devices and use it to upload PDFs and EPUB files. You’ll also find cool controls that can resume, adjust speed, bookmark, note, and display in day, night, or sepia modes. Google Play Books is the total package for any mobile device user. You don’t need to buy a special eReader to use it either. Read on your phone, your tablet, or add the Google Chrome extension to your desktop. This app is free and compatible with all devices, mobile and desktop. 

Kobo Books – eBooks and Audio Books

Though not one of the “Big Three,” Rakuten Kobo has been around a long time and you’ve likely never heard of them. This Canadian based company was launched in 2010 and the app has been downloaded over ten million times. The library of content includes five million titles. Their eReader, the Kobo Clara, is available now in HD with 8GB of storage that can house over 6000 titles. Most devices freeze long before they reach that kind of volume.