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Finding a new job can be tough. It’s not just about looking for a specific position. It’s figuring out whether that position is the right fit for you. Are you certain you want to leave your current job? Are you taking a step up or a step down? These questions plague job seekers and can make employment search a grueling experience. Thankfully, there are apps that can make the process simpler. Check out this “Top Five” list:


Two hundred fifty million people have searched for jobs at Indeed. Obviously, they must be doing something right to have that kind of following. Rated as the number one job search app on most lists, Indeed has listings for millions of jobs in over sixty different countries. Upload or create your resume, enter your search parameters, and let the app do its work. You can set alerts and then kick back to wait for email replies.


Job Search by ZipRecruiter does the searching for you and allows you to apply for the jobs you want with just one tap on the screen. The process is simple. Install the app. Enter the type of job you want and where you want to work. Set it and forget it. ZipRecruiter will search hundreds of job boards for you to find the best matches. There are millions of jobs available and this app will find them for you. No other job search app is required.

Simply Hired

Considered one of the more technologically superior apps in the job search space, Simply Hired has the most comprehensive list of US jobs for professionals and government employees. You can use their advanced search tools to find part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or contract gigs. You can even look for temporary jobs if you’re on furlough or in between jobs. Simply Hired will alert you on jobs the moment they are posted so you can be the first to apply.


To apply for the job you want, swipe right. It’s that easy on Monster. Hunting for a new position can be hard. This app makes it easy. With state-of-the-art search tools and interview scheduling, you can get your resume out to hundreds of prospective employers and have a new job in no time. If you’re planning a career move or position upgrade, Monster has an enormous list of jobs in every field, all over the world. This app has been installed on five million devices and provides salary tools, resume help, and career advice. If you need a new job, start here.


There’s a big difference between a simple job search app and a career planning tool. Glassdoor falls in the second category. Sure, you can look for a new job here. That’s what the app was designed for. You can also get reviews on potential employers with their workplace transparency tool and find career advice to help you decide which jobs you want to apply for. That’s the total package. Glassdoor may be one of the newer players, but they offer the most comprehensive list of tools to help you make the right choices in your employment journey.