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Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Prices for airfare and hotels are pretty low right now. You can find even better deals using these travel apps. Travel to a new country or just across the one you currently live in. There’s always a good deal to be had on airfare and hotels never actually sell out, leaving plenty of opportunity for discounted room rates. There’s no reason to wait. Book your trip now and save. There’s no better time than the present. Take a look at the apps below to compare rates and packages.


With connections to over five hundred thousand hotels around the world, Expedia is one of the top apps in the travel category. You can also book flights, stay at B&B’s, and rent cars, all in the same session. Construct an entire vacation or business trip without having to change sites and then book immediately or set an alert for when good deals come along. You never have to pay full price to travel again. There are always deals to be had. Expedia knows how to find those deals and pass those savings on to you. Are you packed to go yet?

Trip Advisor

Take a great hotel and airfare app. Add restaurant bookings. You now have Trip Advisor. Everyone likes to eat, so why shouldn’t your travel app show you the best places to dine when you travel? That’s not all, either. Trip Advisor is designed to give you the total package. Looking for fun things to do while you’re on vacation? Searching for a summer rental for the family? How about amusement park packages and train trips while you’re in country? These are all available inside Trip Advisor. Think of it as a travel consultant inside your phone.


Get up to 60% off on over one million hotels with Priceline. Did you think you got a good deal on that other travel app? Don’t make anything official until you check Priceline. You can get exclusive deals on hotels, cars, and airfare. These are not at no-name locations. Priceline books deals with Delta, Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, and Dollar Rent a Car. You’ll get the same quality service from these companies that you always get, at half the price. Now, that’s how to travel in style. Personalize your experience and put together the travel package you really want and won’t have any problem affording when you book your trip through Priceline.


Yes, you can book late and cancel with no fees. How many times do you hear that? Never. Unless you’re booking through Travelocity. Home to the famous “roaming gnome,” Travelocity is where travelers go when they can’t be constricted by timelines and immovable reservations. Book your flight and rent a car. Find your favorite restaurant near your destination or ask the app to recommend one for you. Store your payment details in the app just in case you have to make changes or book tickets for local attractions. This app will get you to your destination cheaper than anyone else out there and make sure you have a good time while you’re there. You too can be a roaming gnome. Book with Travelocity today.