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It’s tough to rate news apps. What one person considers the best in this class may be viewed as the worst by someone on the opposite side of a political fence. You’re unlikely to find many Fox News listeners on CNN, and NPR may not be your cup of tea either. What we’ve tried to do here is give you a quick review on the top news apps, regardless of what direction they lean in. Where you get your news is important. Here’s what we came up with:

News Break

We’re going with News Break first because it’s a news aggregator. You’re not locked in to one specific brand, so you could see stories from Fox side by side with the Huffington Post. News Break also geo-tags your device, so you’ll see local news in your feed. This changes if you travel, so you’ll always know what’s going on nearby. You can even tap into local bloggers and smaller news sources. Feedback is welcome and discussion forums are provided. 

Fox News

You won’t see this anywhere in the app description, but Fox News puts a decidedly right-hand spin on any stories they run. That doesn’t mean the news is distorted. News is news. It’s the opinions that attract listeners. We’re telling you this to help you make the right choice for a news app. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one. People who want the whole story often chooseto listen to and watch multiple news stations. Fox News is one of the top news outlets in the world, so this app should be on your list.

Yahoo News

More of an aggregator than a pure news outlet, Yahoo News is classified as a “lean left” news source. That means they’re closer to the middle than CNN, which is decidedly left, or Fox News, which is decidedly right. Yahoo News personalizes your experience, so your own political leanings actually come into play when the content for your daily feed is selected. Their news is curated from multiple sources, so you can select custom topics and publishers. Only recognized and trusted news sources are allowed, so you can rely on Yahoo for accurate reporting.

NPR News

If you enjoy news talk radio, your best option is NPR News. This app doesn’t just feed you news stories and videos. It gives you great shows like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, and Fresh Air. Perhaps best known for its long-time commentator, Paul Harvey, NPR has grown into one of the world’s most trusted and opinionated news services. This app is definitely a top choice if you want your news to be entertaining.


Viewed mainly as a source for financial news, Reuters is actually one of the world’s largest general news organizations. They employ two thousand reporters in over 180 countries, so you can always catch up on world events. For financial analysis and market news, there’s no service that does it better than Reuter’s. Financial advisors pay them a hefty subscription fee for trading information. You can get financial information free with this app.